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back in cairo

August 15, 2007


so we’re back in cairo – and i just have to post some music by the great Umm Kulthum. there is really no way around it. if you do not know her – well, you just have to get to know her (the web is full of information).

i just remember Y telling me in israel while lamenting the loss of arab culture in israeli society that he could still remember that on thursday (it was thursdays, wasn’t it?) evening there was nobody to be seen on the streets because this was the day umm kulthum was singing in cairo – and on tv. and seemingly people did not care if the reception of the image did not work – all that mattered was the music and her singing.

i posted a tape coming straight from cairo – if somebody can help me with the arabic text it would be higly appreciated. it seems to be a live recording and i ripped it at 128kps in two mp3 files (side a / side b). the sound is a little bit muffled and there is some tape-hiss – but that adds to its charm. get it here.


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