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ten percent

October 20, 2007


aaah, more bare chests.

it’s sunday morning… you wake up and look at the gorgeous man sleeping next to you. the party was great. the music was great. the atmopshere was great. you felt great. he felt great. and he tasted great. slowly you get up to make coffee. its smell is waking him up and still slightly sleepy he walks into your kitchen and you find out he still tastes good…

so you two start preparing a big sunday breakfast – not talking that much, but touching a lot. and you will have all sunday to taste and to feel, to be lazy, to talk and to listen, and maybe even watch the snooker grand prix finals.

so you put on this record, that is rich and upbeat and just very good: ten percent by double exposure.


one of the great disco records from one of the great disco lables, salsoul. rich in sound, with strings and horns and men singing and a lot of percussion – nicely upbeat to wake you up to a great sunday! and titles like i need your loving might be rather inspirational for the two of you…

highly recommended – get it here (link expired).

ripped lovingly from vinyl as mp3-files@192.

and for more information about the boys, i recommend again the discomuseum.