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insert: high heels – lux interior

November 9, 2007

high heels and men do have a history in music: there were the new york dolls, there was glam with marc bolan and david bowie (hm, although platforms might do not qualify), there was 80’s hair metal, and there is of course prince.

and then there is lux interior, singer of the cramps. i have seen them live, and boy, that was an experience. so you have a drummer that looks straight out of vegas, working there as an elvis imitator in a wedding chapel. then you have two ladies playing guitar – the gorgeous poison ivy – and bass chewing gum and looking utterly bored in a mean way. you get the feeling that if you show your admiration and they do not like you they’re gonna kick you… and then you have lux interior, singing, howling, screamin his way through the show, dressed in lack with – you guessed it right – high heels. mind you, mister interior is not a small man… so he runs up and down the stage, goes on his knees, rolls on the floor and even climbs up the speakers… barking mad.

then there is the music: rock ‘n’ roll that sounds like elvis is still alive, living in new york in the gutter, on heroin, and making a living as a sex-slave… yeah, it is all charmingly kinky. to give you a musical as well as a visual idea here the video to bikini girls with machine guns:

and for the encore of the concert i saw, lux took his clothing off (NOT the high heels) and appeared only in a little see-thru slip with a pink heart stitched on the front. most charming… so at the end it looked something like this:


yeah, rock ‘n’ roll, baby!

well, they were a cool band with a cool look. and while other artists played the troops to show their support for the boys, or the prison because they could relate to the dark side (johnny cash) or because they tried to be real macho (metallica), the cramps played…the napa state mental hospital:

and since you might like some more music from the cramps, i prepared for you a bootleg. it’s a live recording, more precise, a BBC broadcast from the brixton academy, london 12.2.90.

the tracklist reads as follows:

1.Mule skinner blues.
2.What’s inside a girl ?
3.Her love rubbed off.
4.Journey to the centre of a girl.
5.All women are bad.
6.You’ve got good taste.
7.Drug train.
8.Can your pussy do the dog.

if i’m not mistaken i got that recording from pip over at sfrp – thanks a lot!

now you can get it here.

and here you’ll find the official the cramps website.