insert: late summer – early fall

it is getting darker earlier…

summer isn’t gone yet, but there is already regret – but i am also looking forward to the coloured leaves and the bittersweet melancholy in a few weeks to come. for all those who want to be well prepared, and because it fits the mood and because these artists only came up lately on my radar and beacuse they’re really ggood here 2 ideas what to listen to:

gisbert zu knyphausen . hurra! hurra! so nicht.

already published last year – but as mentioned above only came up now on my radar. very nice record. and it strongly reminds me of jean guidoni’s record. not afraid to be edgy, to be soft- euphoric melancholy, i guess. and the lyrics are very good, too.

and anybody rhyming melancholie to fick dich ins knie has my appreciation….

moritz krämer. wir können nix dafür

so – and for all thinking this is too much mädchenmusik, her some gay guitars, yeah

anajo – mädchenmusik

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