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knef:… live.

January 18, 2009

time to fullfill my promise and give you more. more knef: a little sequence of live-recordings. ripped from vinyl as one track per side. enjoy!


die neue knef 1966


knef – concert 1968

two things concerning this recording:

1 – it’s a great recording

2 – unfortunately i only have part one, i.e. the first vinyl. so if somebody could provide part 2?


knefconcert86and now: fast forward into 1986. hildegard knef – concert 1986. this one i got quite a while ago from the net. thanks to the original uploader!

and for some more information on ms knef and her recordings i especially recommend this site.

and yes: there will be some more knef comin up…

and an amendment: ella and cole

January 16, 2009

it actually relates to this post: more specifically to ms knef’s recordings of cole porter songs (which i still think might be the best recording of his songs… well, maybe – there is always neneh cherry’s fantastic interpretation – as are all interpretations on the sampler red, hot and blue – more here. and then i just heard an interpretation which sparked my interest – but needs some further research).

so i was thinking of posting ella fitzgerald‘s recordings of cole porter songs, recorded for verve records. but i guess i was too lazy for ripping two vinyls. yes, silly me. i mean it is ella fitzgerald. the great ella… but then it is actually an easy to get record – be it as a re-issue, be it here. and yes, it is indeed a very good record.

and then, the other day, i was assisting recordfinder mastah w, i came across – well, i came across a lot of interesting records, and some will certainly find the way onto this blog – another ella & cole record. tah dah!

as some background it’s best i just cite the liner notes:

In 1972, on the anniversary of Cole Porter’s death, I decided to observe this event by recording Ella Fitzgerald in a new album of his material – much of which had been dormant for years. True, in the late 1950’s, I had recorded her in what, I submit; was the definitive interpretation of Porter; as he himself indicated to me when he first heard it. This album differs from the earlier one in that Nelson Riddle does the arrangements. The tunes were those Ella felt she would like to re-record as well as some material that had inadvertently been overlooked in the earlier Verve recordings. This album, originally called “Ella loves Cole” was in release for a short time – and the withdrawn.

I have decided to release the album again adding two other tunes which were not recorded before, one of which is the title song “dream Dancing”.


so, that should wetten your appetite. as usual lovingly ripped from vinyl:

ella fitzgerald & cole porter – dream dancing


detour, still: the woman from greece

January 14, 2009


i mentioned i guess that hildegard knef is one of my early musical memories – a very early one indeed (together with a flamenco record and a polish pop-record…). and a very early memory is represented by another woman – which shares with ms knef the quality of “not being a lady” – for that her laughter is just not disciplined enough. and that amazing laughter plays a role in the charming movie topkapi. a movie i still love – hey, it has a nice cast, it has turkish oil wrestling, it has the stunt scene which was long long before mission impossible,  it has the line “you swiss are so sexy” (it really has!) and it has: melina mercouri. a fascinating woman not only for her laughter, but also for her art and just simply for her life. a life reflecting her times, moving between art and politcis.

although primarly known as actress and politician, ms mercouri also made a few records. true, she never was such a personality as a singer like as an actress – but then the record following is actually a good chanson-record. she did not invent the genre new, but i find it interesting that she somehow fortifies this french-greek connection. so it is not so suprising to see the name moustaki coming up in the credits, too.

and yes, then there is that cover. plain great – back (see above) as well as front. and well, i just do really like her. and yes, she did have a great laughter and i guess much more, too. so – melina mercouri, je suis grecque you can get here. enjoy!



January 12, 2009

…back into where i left off last year… slowly slowly….


hildegard knefeins und eins, das macht zwei / so hat alles seinen sinn 7″

jaja, so hat alles seinen sinn… or as we used to say: it’s all connected….



January 11, 2009


oscar petersonhymn to freedom 7″

a – hymn to freedom

b – honey dripper / night train

more oscar…

no holidays in gaza

January 11, 2009


there is apparently not much to do
except doing
I do not know …..


here you go
you may spread it


image and text by R in C

more music

January 5, 2009


yes, a lot of music. weekly podcasts / mixes. and yes, it isn’t easy to keep up.

but actually i do not only want to point you in the direction of the beatfreax-site, but very pointed to one mix, which i have listened to repeatedly in the last time. a great mixture. new and old, having that so often missing vibe of real good house music, real smooth, balearic in its gentle, up-beat mood, detroit in its deepness, and with a love song (all this love for you) which just sums it all up. hmmm… nice. so: go here and then go straight for podcast no 75 – christoph voorn. respect!

and then of course it is recommended to snoop around – yes, i know, a lot more music. well, just let it flow…

yeah, 2009

January 5, 2009


L thinks 2009 is a funny number… but nevertheless i wish you a good new year and all that – for this blog i wish for more great music – well, i actually know that there will be more great music. and for definitly more text…hm…that lacks somehow of late. and i know n wishes me more sex for this year, right?

and well, as a response to:

“and it’s all over already. time flies. what now?”

it is actually quite easy (and then you know that one already):

on continue la mission.


so, to kick off the year in a sunny mood (yes, my year started sunny – see top picture) and because i just got it, straight from buenos aires. thank you a!

los fabulosos cadillacs la luz del ritmo