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bonus: et hop!

June 27, 2008

this one was predictable – it was clear some more stuff related to the et hop!-series would pop up in my favourite used records stores. so here a little selection of recent finds. and you might take it as a good occassion to revisit some or all of these posts…

first is mister kurtis blow – i always have to smile how most write ups about him have to stress that “blow” comes from a blow like a push… yeah…

early (hey, this is from 1980!) hip hop at its best: juicy, funky – you just want that bbq get going. i am again amazed how perfect it is in evoking this kind of mood. the perfect summer record to bbq to. for the first side, that is. what is even more amazing is how bad side two is – urgh… i ripped both sides in one file each – side one has the tracks seguing into each other and for side two you can delete it in one click… well, have a listen for youself and tell me what you think. you can get it here.

although seven years later, i would still consider this fitting into early hip hop: kool moe dee. already a lot more explicit in its lyrics (and my copy has one of the early explicit lyrics stickers – in an other design then the now iconic one). yeah, it is already a lot cooler – not only does he sport these gold chains like blow already did – there are also some cool shades (wrap-arounds!) and on the back of the cover are some rather…hm…kinky white gloves… the music? a lot more hip hop already. and yes, the lyrics are fun. i mean it needs balls to open your record with with a rap about that hot girl that then turned out to be too hot. yes, kool moed dee was drippin’ and pussin’ and had to go see the doctor. and yes, he is of course the greatest in the game and all that…

also ripped from vinyl, this time track by track, you can get kool moe dee here.

and now for something different.

what sparked my interest in this record was that it looked like hip hop and came out on jello biafra’s alternative tentacles label. i thought it would be certainly worth a listen. i was right. not surpringsly for all familiar with alternative tentacles we are now in the segment of political hip hop. yes, i posted earlier consolidated and disposable heroes of hiphoprisy. with them chill. e.b. shares the political lyrics and the connection also to other political music (via his label) – very north american s.f. bay area, that. but then the music is mellower then the two bands mentioned before. yes, we stay with the summer groove… not much more i do know about chill. e.b. – he published that one record – but he still (or again) makes music as you can see / hear on his myspace site (although some are older tracks). seemingly there has been talk of a new record – but since that information is already a little bit dated it seems like this did not happen? and yes, i really like like the cover… chill e.b., born suspicious, also lovingly ripped from vinyl, can you get here.

to round that post off we finish with something not strictly hip hop but definitly queer. j.d. doyle played it as opening track in his special show dedicated to queer hip hop and i lately stumbled across the us-promo mixes: me’shell ndegéocello’s leviticus: faggot. here you get the glee club vocal, the glee club fm, the faggot vs. bitch mix and the album version. just be advised that the mixes are house… and me’shell you can visit on the web here.