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July 9, 2008

it is like certain roots: one pulls and more and more comes out of the ground. by searching for all that old swiss stuff i also came across a tape i had forgotten, although i did listen to it at the time very often. geographically we stay in geneva, but make quite a jump musically. in a way it seems to me when reading / hearing about music of the 1980s that most people forget that there was also a new sound that was rather popular – in the underground and then becoming mainstream. that specific sound of sharp, singing, driving guitars and a somewhat hymnic songwriting. yeah, you could count u2 in that category, and maybe echo and the bunnyman, on the more folksy side the alarm and maybe the waterboys – and then of course the really big ones: simple minds. and then there was also a band in geneva that obviously loved this kind of sound. and knew how to make it. you’ll find these swirring (this is onomatopoetic, allright) guitars, driving drums, dicreet synthesizers, a good singer and great songs. but well, somehow it was not working in the sense that it seemed to be a very short-lived band – i remember that i tried at the time to get some information about this band – the only thing i found out was that they seemingly had to change their name from smirnoff to smirnov – yeah, that is essential information, i know. and up to this day i do know nothing about them except for the recording of this concert – which must be from 1984 (but not even about that i’m completely sure). and although i forgot about them, relistening to this live-tape makes me aknowledge that i also listned to good music back in the days – still a really nice set.

if anybody has some more information – please let me know. and now i highly recommend that you get smirnov, live at the kursaal biel / bienne here. enoy!