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January 2, 2013

yes, i am suprised myself. it has been a long time. but then:

  • the year-end statistics show an interest for this blog – even dormant
  • i need to get off my lazy ass and stop watching too much tv
  • jeff mills (and to a degree derrick may) kind of threw the gauntlet in an interview with RA. well, there is a challenge. not sure if i will take it on – but it got me thinking…
  • that fruity program on my fruity computer keeps on doing funny things, i.e. i am not sure what happens, but it does shuffle my music around in funny ways. i realized it is inspiring, though.
  • and yes, it might help me sort certain things out. or not. we will see
  • and there is still a lot of music that deserves to be heard

then please be aware that i will not be able to fulfill any (re-up) requests, as i do not have access to my archive. i am also a little bit wary of posting music, as i’ve seen that in the last year many music blogs got into trouble… (although i had more problems with pictures).

well, then let’s see what this year will bring!

and more summer

July 12, 2011

r sent me this link – not sure what it is (SEA SECRETARIAT…?)- but well, my associations do run wild here… enjoy!

update: thanks to the kind commenter i know now that this is mohammed mounir. thank you.

did you…

October 10, 2010

the young gods: did you miss me 12″

A) did you miss me? hello, hello i’m back again!

B) the irrtum boys

ripped from vinyl

The Young Gods


January 11, 2009


oscar petersonhymn to freedom 7″

a – hymn to freedom

b – honey dripper / night train

more oscar…

the other classic

July 11, 2008

yes, for the completeness of it and because it is rather charming, although i never was that much into their music, here liliput’s die matrosen / split single. and yes, their record company was rough trade – and yes, they still get name dropped quite frequently. so for that next time somebody does that you have an idea what they’re talking about. and relistening to it i have to admit that die matrosen is a real good summer track…

objet reçu

January 20, 2008

found it again. it has been handed to me by a young man at a gay pride parade some years ago. very anonym – not only concerning who, where, why, but also in style. nice.


postcard from paris

January 19, 2008

to sweet not to share. and it is a colored photograph, too. what a good timing. thank you very much, k!


transparent sex

December 2, 2007


time for a break

October 6, 2007


the world is your urinal

diamond life

September 26, 2007



August 24, 2007

“Hello sunbathinglizard
NOTHING compares to the feeling of having a larger penIs”

a big…

August 15, 2007

…thank you to R.

you see there are a lot of pearls..