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monsieur echère

July 11, 2008

one man, coming out of the swiss underground of the 1980s made it to stardom. starting out with his brother martin in some punk band(s), then forming together with marco repetto grauzone and making a really great record, having a hit with eisbär, and then starting a solo career. first just him, his guitar and a rack full of machines, playing some kind of electrified rock ‘n roll, then slowly evolving into a pop star in switzerland and france. yes, mister stephan eicher. i used to be a really big fan of his, especially of his first lp les chanson bleues (and who was the engineer? yes, voco fauxpas…). this seemed like a possible future of rock ‘n’ roll. a couple of lp’s later i, hm, kind of lost sight of him. well, i couldn’t connect to his music anymore. but i think that his most recent record, eldorado, is actually a really good pop record. and let’s face it: he was and still is the most stylish swiss musician. and he used to have the most stylish women at his concerts, back in the days. so you might know his newer work – therefore i propose you something from the beginning, stephan eicher’s second ep, souvenir.

still influenced by the sound of grauzone, the influence of chanson (the great ce soir je bois – tonight i drink, drink to the women who did not love me… to the ones that left me… and so on) is already there. and it contains the first record of les filles du limmatquai – the underground hit of the time. yeah! get it here.

picture by Melanie Rademacher

picture by Melanie Rademacher

and then – from a couple of years later and as a special treat, a live recording of his, a fm broadcast, ripped from tape from his concert at the jazzfestival montreux in 1986, still just him, his machines and a piano. you get the full concert with 2 encores, the first one is the aforementioned les filles du limmatquai, and the second a pretty daring medley… well, just have a listen for yourself! enjoy!

and for more up-to-date information i recommend you visit his website.