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October 8, 2009

ha! and you already thought that blog smelled funny, huh? well, it kind of did…

guess other priorities – although it hasn’t been that satisfying not to blog. so it is high time to put some effort into it again. and we will see where it brings us to. i will slowly get down to answer your comments and honour your requests (as already promised on previous occassions). it won’t be very fast, i’m afraid – something to do with, well, not having mucht time…

but then i haven’t been stopping finding nice music, reading nice books, and so on. and quite some stuff to complement previous posts.

ianAsmallso to kick it off again something to relate back to the various traces of brecht / weill – a little 10″ by ian mc culloch: september song. interesting is especially that on side a you get it pressed for 78 r.p.m. – and no, my gear isn’t that old. so what you hear is a record for 78 r.p.m. played on 45 r.p.m. but pitched up so that it sounds more or less right – just slower. and since me works low tech also rather metallic. i actally really like that version. on side aa you the get the long version of the september song – this time on the intended 45 r.p.m., and cockles and mussels. and of course ripped from vinyl for your aural pleasure. get it here. and enjoy.

and yes, this post has been originally planned for september (in case you were ianAAsmallwondering).

so – i’m glad to be back. hope you are, too.