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request – antologia della canzone popolare ticinese

July 5, 2008

this one is for m. let me translate the title: anthology of popular songs of the ticino. the ticino is the italian speaking region of switzerland (yeah, south of the alps, and yes, it is very pretty). what is interesting to note is that most songs are in italian – as opposed to being in ticines’, the local dialect of the region. well, i know that ticines’ not always enjoyed the popularity it enjoys again today, and the record is from 1973. or maybe it was an attempt to make it understandable for a wider audience? i am left guessing. to me it seems like there was once an accompanying leafleat with additional information for this record which has been lost. so you get popular songs, sung by different people, some choirs, once even a children choir. and as instrumentation you get two guitars. and you get some church bells, too.. then there is also to note that this is l’edizione senza sparito, meaning there are no breaks between the songs. therefore i ripped it as two mp3-files, available here. so – not much more information i can give you – maybe one of my readers is able to help out? and yes, strange enough this record reminds me of palm sunday. well, not that strange actually – but that’s another story….

and of course this is a good occasion again to direct you towards the italian folk music blog!