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August 26, 2007

…here as additional information les negresses vertes with the song voilà l’été from the album mlah:

insert – les negresses vertes

August 26, 2007


because it is summer (still), and because they have an akkordeon, and because they’re fun, and because they’re really cheeky, and because i just re-listened to their record and have to stay: yeah! olé! voilà l’été! at the time i found this record that good that i actually bought it around seven times to give it to friends – and i still do not regret that today.

some of you might know les negresses vertes through face à la mer – a track which (especially in form of the massive attack remix) has been featured on some big compilations. i’ve seen them live ages ago (just after mlah came out, i think) – and it was a moment where i considered marrying, just for the reason so i could book them as the wedding orchestra. the hips were swaying, there were screams of delight, everybody was grinning – and they created a festive atmosphere where you suddenly dance with strangers the night away… as a bonus you got that akkordeon player with his slicked back longish hair falling back in his face being very sensual – the first rows of the public, women and men alike, were just falling under his erotic spell…

funny enough he took over from the leadsinger for one song – l’homme de marais – which to this day i consider a beautiful gay lovesong (it works when you only hear the song (female and male forms sound the same) – unfortunately when you read the lyrics, the female forms are used. but i am convinced that this is just a mistake in the transcription).

if you want to see a (newer – to my regret with shorter hair) pic of him, you can go here (a very nice site of french photographer laurent orseau).


so – their first record, mlah, you find here (link killed). for more information i recommend you visit their website here.

enjoy and keep on moving these hips…