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the sweet sound of a drill in my head

July 6, 2008

we stay in the basel region, we stay in the period, we stay obscure – but take it musically quite a bit further… musically? i remember that listening to the tape zugeschlagen by hirnschlag was the moment where certain members of my family that witnessed me listening to it thought it possible that i lost it…that i have some serious mental problems.

not that this music is hard – it is…annoying. not annoying in the sense of certain other music (like maybe certain stuff by crisitian vogel), that is annoying because it is complex and is not willing to hide it, but annoying as as a central aspect of its aesthetic. there is a drum machine tic-tac-ing through it, there are screeching noises, some obviously generated by a guitar, some generated by – whatever. and then to top it off add some distorted voices, ridiculous, hysterical, and snippets of news-broadcasts strewn in from time to time. and i have to admit in a wicked way it’s fun – to a degree because it is nearly pointless music: it is neither pleasant, nor hard, nor pure noise. it is amazingly consequential in making sure to annoy a wide range of listeners. but it works. it works for me like a treatment: after listening twice 30 minutes to that, any music you listen to afterwards will be recontextualized. so if you are in for an aural experience that is interesting exactly because it is dis-pleasing then you get hirnschlag: zugeschlagen here. it is ripped from the original tape release as two mp3’s, for each side one. and you get also the complete scan of (again) the very nice fold-out cover.