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to clean ur ears out

October 20, 2008

after la la la lale andersen it is time to clear your ears out, right?

how about treating them with a dense mix of underground resistance tracks? no strangers to this blog (i’m still waiting for an alternative history, man), thanks to the black dog (veterans of electronic music themselves) you have now the chance of getting one hour with ur – dense and intense. yessss…. and to rinse after, i recommend to also get the mix dedicated to robert hood – one of my personal favourites. great great musician making great great records.

and then the men from black dog are obviously very nice: you also get a couple of exquisite other mixes. all that you can get here. enjoy and say thank you!

still techno… naaahhh, rather electronic pop: der zivilschutz has now its own website up and running. with lots of music, too. congrats!

and then massimo not only liked talk talk, but would like some more, you know 80s stuff. so here a couple of links with places to find quite a lot of interesting stuff. with a strong tendency for 80s and / or live music:

mixing desk – live music archive: very tasteful selection. some obvious, some not. and the name actually says it all: live music. and be sure to get that and also the trees recording…

robert poland: if we talk about music blogs dedicated to the eighties, then we have to mention robert poland. more on the pop side of things. nice.

t.u.b.e. – the ultimate bootleg experience – bootlegs. and more bootlegs. this time more on the rock side of things. not everything is my cup of tea – but by the sheer mass they post this would be rather difficult – hey, not even everything on my hd is my cup of tea…

and if you want to search for more i suggest you try

totally fuzzy, of course, and

the chewbone.

so – make yourself a cup of tea, take your time and enjoy!