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et hop! hiphoprisy

November 22, 2007

we’re still doing music and politics, and we are still at hip hop in the early nineties. so there was for me public enemy, consolidated and then someone working with consolidated: the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy.


less industrial then consolidated, so musically somewhat a little bit gentler, but still dense. they incorporated a lot of different influences: i was and am still amazed at how they managed to make a record that sounded so new and at the same time sounded so rooted in music-history (the most obvious names name to drop here are gil scott heron and linton kwesi johnson). and hey, they made a cover of dead kennedy’s california über alles.

i’ve seen them live and i do have really good memories of this concert – performing as a trio, consisting of the original duo michael franti and rono tse plus guitar player charlie hunter. the guitar gave the music a slightly jazzy twist (if i remember correctly he played exclusively an acoustic guitar). rono tse was happily hammering away on metal and assorted objects – even using at one point a chainsaw, which was not a b-horror movie reference as with eminem, but rather a reference to the german band einstürzende neubauten, i believe. and then there was michael franti, a frontman with charisma, a lanky tall man with a smile that makes your heart melt.

and then there is to mention that the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy were the first hip hop act i was sure was at least half gay – naah, it’s not michael franti (i actually “met” once his girlfriend – more precise, she complained about my friend v smoking during a spearhead concert), i am talking about rono tse. gj met him at the web, thanked him for the great show and seemingly tousled his hair – although rono tse had at that time a shaved head. so i wonder up to this day what hair got tousled…hmmm.

so what do you get with hipocrisy is the greatest luxury? you get music and politics. so you get food for brain, heart, and soul.


ripped from cd@192 you can get it here (the booklet is included – for the lyrics and the tracklisting).

if you would like some more disposable heroes of hiphoprisy i can point you in the direction of the live music archive of (anyway a fantastic, well, sometimes overwhelming source for music). they have two shows up – get them here.

unfortunately that was the only record they did under this name. but they did another record, together with william s. burroughs called spare ass annie and other tales. well, it’s burroughs rambling and going on and on and all that… always fun. the record is easy to find (and has been re-editioned in a williams s. burroughs box-set, it think). but i thought it might help to give you here spare ass annie and other tales – the operator’s manual. especially since advice for young people is included – yep, this one is for you gj.

i got this copy from somewhere off the net – thank you to the original uploader! there is some info with it which follows now – just that you know what you get:

William S. Burroughs – The Operator’s Manual – 1993

featuring Burroughs, Hal Wilner, and Michael Franti talking about the making of Spare Ass Annie. This includes selected excerpts from the disc as well as a bunch of commentary.

and obviously it is ripped at a rather high bitrate – get it here (coverscans and tracklisting included).


while i do not know what rono tse does these days, i know what michael franti is doing. after the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy he founded a new band: spearhead (or: michael franti & spearhead). leaving hip hop more or less behind, spearhead has a very relaxed reggae / roots sound – but the lyrics are still sharp and controversial. if you would like to have a listen, there are many (and i mean really many) shows up over at the live music archive – for an overview go here.

and i highly recommend to visit one of their shows should they arrive in your town.

in the meantime you can visit their homepage,