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March 24, 2009


yes, schpring is here – kind of. i am still not finding enough time to do blogging the way i want – yes, i am rather unhappy with the text part lately. i think for the time being i will loosen a little bit on the concept (what concept? i hear u say – but hey, there was a thread in all this posting – at least for me). i guess the next posts will be a couple of requests that are looong overdue – i just have to find the time to rip the stuff. and then some more music that has been pleasing my ear. at least there is hope that the coming months will loosen up a little bit work-wise – so i can finally use my brain for more and better text.

so – enough whining from my part. now you go out and enjoy spring!

good good technology

November 29, 2007

a informed me that some mp3’s i posted are not really of the best quality – true, there is quite a lot of distortion on it. i looked these days into it, got me some new gear, re-connected some stuff and all that – and it already sounds much better. so if you want something to be re-upped because of its soundquality, let me know.