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et hop! some pointers

December 10, 2007

time to point you in the direction of some music – since i haven’t posted that much hip hop to listen to (yet).

if you want some more oldschool hip hop:

rho-xs is posting quite some gems – as an introduction you might go here.

then music-hole, a, hm, eclectic music blog, posted not too long ago some grandmaster flash, public enemy (at the mazzo, amsterdam!) and the last show of a tribe called quest. get it here.

and now let’s go to the blogs that focus on hip hop. of course there must be zillions of hip hop sites on the net – i picked out the two i read regularly – these are the two music blogs i would like to recommend:

leave your nine at home: blog of a very knowledgeable hip hop-lover. all kinds of hip hop in many languages – american, english, french, spanish, swiss, and beyond. yeah, a lot to listen to and a lot to learn… very nice!

urbanbology: finally i can give you a pointer to this excellent blog (although it’s on my blogroll for quite a while). not a “pure” hip hop blog – as it states. open minded. this is also shown in the awareness that music does have social and political aspects. you guessed it right: it is this kind of mixture that attracts me very much. yeah, it’s a bit annoying because it is another one of these blogs where i have the feeling i have to listen to more or less everything that gets posted. well, i have to admit that i love it. yep, one of my favourites. much respect! and should you still not get it: highly recommended!