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reup by request: goodbye vincent

October 27, 2008

as a kind of gestalt-therapy for mike i felt obliged to reup goodbye vincent by the jivaros quartet. by the way: all the other links still work… you’ll find all that good music here. enjoy!

detour – jivaros quartet

April 19, 2008

it’s about high time to post some music by the jivaros quartet. one of my favourite live bands at the time (the ones i saw maybe the most concerts of – together with the needles – they in turn will come up later).

the feeling of physical coldness that for me element of crime transmit on their earliest recordings is also transmitted through the music of the jivaros quartet – this time not the coldness of the gray city in a winter night, but the coldness of one of the highest towns in europe: la chaux-de-fonds.

they have for me been the essential swiss band: not that their music was inspired by swiss roots music, and not that they sung in swiss german – they were actually a rather “classic” guitar band of the late eighties / early nineties with some garage influences and a melacholic twist (yep, we’re still on the topic of blue, somehow), singing in a rather mumbled english with a french accent. but especially live they had an added claustrophobic quality of a small country with small towns where everybody knows everybody and a an aggressivenes that i have never encountered in other music. an aggression that never breaks out, an undercurrent that is there and gives the music a nearly uncomfortable edge: you hope that the singer finally starts to scream, that the guitars finally go into a really noisy and screeching feedback – but it never happens. somehow very swiss. and it made for extremely intense concerts…

and talking of concerts: i actually saw them once in some grotty cave – only about 15 people attended and it seemed in the beginning rather sad. but the jivaros quartet just gave a fuck and played something like 2 hours straight through with a great performance. that was rather stunning – we all came away feeling rather privileged.

so – in rememberance of this odd band from an odd town here the – i believe – complete discography. but then i have not found a complete dicography on the net – if somebody knows more, please drop a line. oh, and if somebody has by chance a live recording and / or the out of print record of the follow up band sunday ada and is willing to share: yes, please!

to the technicalities: eveything is ripped track by track as mp3’s@224, cover front and back scans (and therefore the tracklists) included. i did not rip the 12″ single wrong – these songs are included as bonus tracks on near the noise. and well, my scanner seems has a mind of its own – the covers are originally not bi- coloured…

and now – listen and enjoy!

jivaros quartet: isolated songs and mud sculptures (6-track ep – 1988.)

jivaros quartet – near the noise (LP – 1989)

jivaros quartet – implosion (3-track 12″ single)

jivaros quartet – loneliness pours out of our heads (3-track cd single – 1991)

jivaros quartet – goodbye vincent (LP – 1991)