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2008 – kisses on magnolia mountain

January 5, 2008

a new year – so i wish you all a great 2008! well, it can only get better. so as to kiss the old one goodbye and to start the new one on a tender note, i would like to start with some tender visuals:


hm, somehow reminds me of d.a.f.s sex unter wasser – but that’s another story altogether…

then r reminded me that it is also a happy new year 1429. which is good enough a reason to give you another hot and steamy kiss:


so – i am aware that the years can be counted very differently then these two examples – but first i was too lazy to look all this up and second i do not have such a well stocked image library of men kissing fitting to all these different, hm, ways of life. if you want to help me out: you’re welcome!

while we are kissing: here you find an article by antonio pasolini called public encounters:

“while gay life and style has a free pass within society these days, physical contact between men in public still remains a taboo”

a nice article which touches on quite some subjects by trying to find out why the display of affection between persons of the same sex in our society is barely tolerated (an interesting subject anyway – especially in the light that other societies have different views on that). and regarding self-censorship and all that: we get to that later on in this blog… yeah, there are many plans – let’s see what 2008 in this respect brings. yes, i am wondering myself.

and then, to start this year as i finished last year i propose you another great live recording. very tender, something to drink tea to on dark winter afternoons, just a candle burning (to keep the tea warm) and looking out into the world. yep, it is time for a live recording by ryan adams and the cardinals. for the ones knowing and liking ryan adams: you might have that recording already. if not, you must have it. for the ones knowing but not liking ryan adams: this one is different and you have to have it (for explanations see below). and for the ones not knowing ryan adams: well, you have to have it, too (obviously).

ryan adams is the, well, star, or darling of something called alternative country (short: alt country). yes, did not sound too appetizing to me, too. i am no great country fan and as for the word alternative describing music: it means anything and nothing, but too often boring guitars and pretentious lyrics combined with a vibe “not to be mainstream”.

but well, so many blogs were raving about him that i took an ear full. and once more to my surprise: i quite liked it. not that i searched the net all night long – but yeah, i registered him as an artist to look out for. i did quite like the bootleg recording the suicide handbook – but then i also came across some recordings that i did not like that much. and then i came across a live recording of his with the cardinals. i don’t remember where, but something in the description triggered my curiosity. i burned it on cd and put it on the stack of the cd’s i want to listen to. and it was winter, and i was having tea, and i finally popped that cd in, and this intro took quite a while, and i turned the volume up, and then magnolia mountain starts and i was left staring at the speakers, listening to that beautifully melancholic music and i stared at the speakers for the rest of the first and then the second cd. i rarely heard a live recording with a band playing so totally at ease yet so focused. i still find the intensity they have by being actually extremly relaxed amazing. and i believe it is another recording which transcends taste – so somehow i believe even if you do not like the other stuff of ryan adams, this one you might like. so enough gushing about it. have a listen for yourself!

ryan adams and the cardinals, live at das haus, ludwigshafen, germany, on october 17th, 2006


part one

part two

these two links are actually mirrors – you can grab the recording also directly via here. there you also find it in other formats (ogg vorbis, flac), as well as some information and a couple of pics. and should you still not be sure about downloading it (pfuuh, you are definitly not easy, right?), you can also stream it from there. if you listen to the first 20 minutes and are not convinced…well…

if you would like the high quality 24bit flac-version, go here.

and a big thank you to sebastian boschert, the taper!

for more ryan adams you can visit his homepage. and for more live ryan adams, you can go here – there are about 250 recordings archived…

and now…

Lie to me like I lie to you
Hold me down until the morning comes
And if the morning don’t come
Will you lie to me
Will you take me to your bed
Will you lay me down
Ti’l I’m heavy like the rocks in the riverbed
That my savior made
. . . please