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feelin’ bitchy

October 20, 2007

it’s sunday morning… you wake up, your head feels kind of funny. it was a bad night out. even worse: it was a boring night out. the music wasn’t good, neither were the men. you were not even in the mood for drinking and still you have a funny head. you get out of bed, make some coffee, take a leak, look for the crumpled pack of fags, put on feelin’ bitchy and get back to bed.

then nothing is better then to hear about the misery of others when you feel kind of low…


millie jackson – feelin’ bitchy. not exactly a disco album – there is a lot of funk and soul in there, too. the music is sweaty and pumping, and millie is just great – this woman knows how to sing, how to talk, and seemingly knows what she talks about. feelin’ bitchy is (like many millie jackson records) something of a concept album, exploring one specific topic. here it is the problems of a couple and the respective wrongdoings. just to culminate in her beautiful version of if you’re not back in love by monday. what a beautiful song. and to make you really cry, all alone in your cold appartment in your bed with just a mug of coffee, she finishes the album with a heartbreakingly beautiful lovesong…

yes, millie jackson has many shades: she can be a total bitch and she can be very loving and tender – sometimes this different moods are only a song apart… so get yourself some millie jackson – she is one of the great ones!

feelin’ bitchy you get here (link dead). ripped@192 from vinyl – the side b is ripped as one track since the different songs segue into each other. and now lay back, light another fag, watch the smoke curl and listen to the story she tells…

and since i am very compassionate i thought a little bonus would light up your day:


from the cd-version of her live record live & uncensored you get the bonus tracks live and outrageous. pfuuh, does she have a filthy mouth – all while being hilariously funny. well, real adult entertainment. and one can learn a thing or two: for example i learned that it is disrespectful to call someone bitch. you call them miss bitch.

that highly entertaining bit of live millie jackson you get here (link expired).

and then you can visit millie jackson’s homepage, the page of her record label weird wreckuds, here. be sure to check out the shop – great t-shirts….!