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techno? techno!

July 12, 2008

while digging through all these old tapes, looking for something (that i did find – see the following post), i also came across another recording where i stopped and asked myself: what is this? i had absolutely no memory of that. so i pop the tape in – and hey, this is fun! at the time der zivilschutz defined their music as techno – or more precise as schwingdeinbeintechno (swingyourlegtechno). but we write the year 1986, so techno meant something else. but it is definitly electronic, and definitly very danceable. to about the same parts influenced by the likes of daf and front 242 and ndw it makes for an entertaining mixture. very up, and i do like the fact that one band member was a trombone player (partly triggering synthesizers with it). and i do like their humour – although the lyrics are sung in high german and breath that cold war chic, thanks to the rather thick swiss accent and that very specific humour and of course the bandname it has for me a very strong swiss flavour. which in this case is a very good thing (this was less the case with late mittageisen – but i digress). they even had a radio hit back in the days called sex with you.

to my amazement i found out that since the beginning of this year they do exist again. and i do find it interesting that these days there seems to be the urge again to make this kind of music with this kind of lyrics. as you can hear on their myspace site, the new tracks sound more like the later front 242. i have to admit that i am not yet sure if this is a good thing. but i also have to admit that i do like the lyrics. so far i prefer the live recording i’ve found – partly because it is always fun to find some forgotten pearls and certainly also because it has his kind of raw live-energy. and because it has one of the oddest ends of a live show. so, if you want a good 30 minutes of danceable fun, then i suggest you get der zivilschutz, live at the ch rockfestival, bern in 1986 here (2 mp3 files, fm broadcast ripped from tape). and now it is time to swing your legs to the beat – techno? techno!