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request: les fleurs d’hiver

July 6, 2008

there are uncounted music blogs out there, posting various stuff, some not so strange, some strange, some very strange. but somehow i never expected to stumble across a blog that posts this really obscure swiss stuff from back in the days – and yes, finding the pop-punkers mad from lucerne on this blog actually made me giggle… appropriatly called weird cheese, i propose you might head over for a visit (i recommend of course the vyllis). on his wishlist is some more obscure stuff – well, i mean really obscure… and one of the records is a 7″ by a band from basel, les fleurs d’hiver. i know nothing about the band – i don’t even remember where and why i bought it.

i always liked the cover, but just never liked the song fleurs d’hiver. i kind of liked the the b-side, association in white. it is kind of…new wave-pop or so. the lyrics are rather crappy, especially this annoying chorus in fleurs d’hiver… but in a way it is also kind of cute – but that might be just my nostalgia? anyways. here you get this certainly extremly rare piece of forgotten swiss music history, including cover scans and scans of the text inlay. as an additional kind of not important information (but it makes the link to the next post) it is release number 3 on the winterschatten-label… yep, i decided to make a little detour and throw up some more really obscure, ranging from the funny to the annoying to the great, swiss underground stuff… you have been warned.