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et hop! this ain’t cnn

November 15, 2007


the borders between hip hop and other form of electronic music were indeed not drawn that strict as they are today. i remember seeing consolidated on a hip hop festival. that caused some irritation with the “real hip-hoppers” – but it made definitly sense. although usually classified under industrial, their release play more music was closer to hip hop then to industrial. again we have hard music. and very political music. so there are some parallels to public enemy. but here they already end again. their politcs are radically left-wing – and although i do not agree with their politics all the time, they make it easier for the listener to deal with it – they actually encourage discussion. at the time they actually stopped their liveshows and gave the mic around so that everybody can voice her / his opinion. this did not always work (gj, you might still remember the totally pissed one who told us that heineken is evil?) – but sometimes it did – and it made for great snippets for their record. and then they do have humour. they do not take themselves that seriously. that helps a lot when you get bombarded with hard sounds and hard political messages. i mean – one has to light up from time to time, too.

so i suggest you listen to the record play more music by consolidated. it is an intense trip through their sonic universe. after all these years i still find it a great record – and the lyrics are still kicking, too. oh, there is this funny story about the song you suck (featuring the yeasty girls): it is a kind of sex-education song in the tradition of salt ‘n’ pepas let’s talk about sex. just more explicit. a lot more explicit. and to my amazement at the time it was something of a hit in holland. so you had all that chart-stuff being played on the radio and suddenly you suck came on – that was great fun (and there is to note that the dutch usually understand english very well).

so with play more music you get a lot for your ears – a lot of music, a lot of opinion – oh, and with a day on the green one of the greatest upbeat, hm, funk tunes i know.

you might guessed it – it is another one of my favourite records. so get it here. and play it loud!

and please visit their website.