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September 14, 2007


a couple of weeks ago i went to see / hear dj hype. although i still have an eye – or rather an ear on the drum ‘n’ bass scene it has been a long time since i have been to a drum ‘n’ bass night. it was actually close to a revelation – great music, great crowd. and while i was on the dancefloor, getting hit by ridiculous fast beats and evil low bass i was realizing that this music still sounds futuristic to me, that its obsession with cutting edge technology still makes for very fresh music. drum ‘n’ bass has definitly gone underground again, it lost a big deal of its hipness (somehow dubstep took over to my observation). but the music still works. and still on the dancefloor, still thinking – yep, the dancefloor is a great place to think – the body is moving, you’re enveloped by music and your mind is free to go in any direction. i am just thinking if it might is also due to the fact that immersed in music i feel at home and can let my thoughts wander, being at ease.

so, we are still on the danceflor, i am still thinking and suddenly it hits me why drum ‘n’ bass is actually so interesting (especially the hard, dark one). it uses the mechanism barthes describes to make sense something personal. structurally, drum ‘n’ bass-tracks are built very similar to each other (intro, ratata, break, and then: RATATAWUUUM). so we have actually a rather rigid structure. but through the impact of the fast, slipping beats and the evil, deep bass you have to deal with the music (or well, you leave). and you can not really deal with the music in a social, meaning in a group way, but you have to deal with it on a personal level. this is not hard music with a beat everybody can jump up and down together, and it is not hard music where you can sing the chorus in unison. so you have to find your way to move to it, to make sense of it. your personal sense. so it seems to be actually utopian music – the drum ‘n’ bass evening as an utopian space…

what the fuck is he talking about? you might ask yourself at this point. well, for the theoretical background you might want to have a look at my post the everyday utopia. for a music example i dived in my archive, and had a hard time to decide. so you are getting not one, but two mixes of the hard side of drum ‘n’ bass (you have been warned!):

first we have aggressive combinations 003 – dj unknown. if anybody can tell me more about the source please leave a comment! you get this one here.

second we have last days by digital conspiracy, an american crew. yep, they do have a myspace site. the mix you get here.

if you want more by digital conspiracy, you can go to dirtboxradio (hint: month of may). on the dirtboxradio site you’ll find also a lot of other mixes – not all as hard as this one.

now turn up your system, turn the bass on MAXIMUM and muse over barthes and utopian music.