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October 31, 2010

Wiseblood – Motorslug 12″

Motorslug / Death Rape 2000

where evil dwells

October 30, 2007

as not to loose the main thread – well, where were we? something to do with sleaze, right? and since it is this time of the year again when scary is all the rage let me introduce you to some really sleazy and really scary music:

wiseblood – dirtdish


one of the best records i have. hard and evil and dirty.

the duo consisting of clint ruin a.k.a j.g. thirlwell a.k.a. foetus a.k.a. a lot more monikers, known also for his collaboration with an army of people (to mention especially: marc almond) and roli mosimann, known for being with the now legendary band swans, but also known for working with the the, new order and the great the young gods delivered with dirtdish a record that showed that you don’t have to be fast to be hard. long songs that build up to a psychotic fury. the drumming is slow and powerful, the production excellent, the lyrics mean and vicious – it’s like a brainwash. what else can i say? get it here.


the details: it’s a digital copy from the cd-version i once downloaded from the internet (thanks to the original uploader) – so i did not have to rip it from my vinyl copy. and since it’s from cd, you get the original 6 tracks and as bonus the first wiseblood release motorslug (which i find somewhat less powerful), and the 12″ versions of stumbo / somebody drowned in my pool, and a track called death rape 2000 (a la muerte reference?)

so the tracklist reads as follows:

01 – Prime Gonzola
02 – 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
03 – Stumbo
04 – Someone Drowned In My Pool
05 – Godbrain
06 – The Fudge Punch

07 – Motorslug
08 – Stumbo (12” Version)                                                            09 – Death Rape 2000                                                                     10 – Someone Drowned In My Pool (12” Version)

for an interview with clint ruin about wiseblood go here.

official foetus homepage: