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groove my chord

June 15, 2008

this time it is the other way round then with john beltran: this music might sound very much like detroit, but it actually comes from…sweden. and yes, i do find aril brikha not only musically interesting…

seeing him live is very interesting: the way he manipulates his machines, moves to the beat, smiles is all very sensual. and obviously i am not the only one seeing it. usually there is a crowd of trainspotters and fellow musicians / dj’s standing around a dj / live act, watching every move of the artist performing, trying to find out the success of her / his music. but with aril brikha you have all these intimaditngly beautful women standing around, obviously taking his music and appearance in with a lot of pleasure… yes, and in the midst little old ugly me. yes, i then decided to dance – after all his music is gentle, but driving – it definitly strikes a chord…

to give you an idea of his performances here an excerpt from his performance at the fuse-in festival in detroit. aaahhh – i just love the way he moves. so let hime take you on a journey into the night:

the full set (but only the music), aril brikha live at the fuse-in / electronic music festival detroit 2005 you can get here.

and more aril brikha live you’ll find over at the excellent sound+ site.

and here you’ll find his myspace site with even more music.