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kick back

February 18, 2009

we stay angry and political – and uneasy. but the uneasy-ness comes from somewhere else.

mussolini-headckickthis might be the only reord that i did not buy because of the cover. not necessarely the frontcover everybody found very crass (and yes, it is crass). it was because of the back cover, explaining where the name for this musical project, mussolini headkick came from. the name refers to the body being hang up in milano, and that people took up the occassion to kick him – seemingly the most kicks went to his head. awful. just repeating atrocities. and while it might has been appropriate for people suffering under his regime, i always had the suspicion that the ones that cheered him on just a short while ago were now standing first in line, just to make sure that everybody got that they were actually not fascists. but then maybe not. since on a legendary night in milano some gay actually explained to me that the fascists were, you know, maybe totalitarian, but you know, soft. the nazis were the evil ones. yes, a legendary evening. i was for once shut up.

yes, although i liked mussolini headkick for its clear, aggressive political stance, it also seemed somewhat a little bit blurry in its stance – this very harsh, masculine music, this earnestness. and although i still appreciate the electronic body music of this period for being so decidedly unfunky (but definitly danceable), with mussolini headkick, like with quite a lot of ebm bands, i missed a certain humour – and i do find especially politics withouth humour rather grim. and therefore sometimes way too close to what you fight. and that one can be very funny and at the same time aggressivly political (and playing aggressive music) has been shown for example by the fantastic bérurier noir

but then relistening to themes for violent retribution again these days i had to smile how not hard i do find the music.

but well, have a listen to mussolini headkickthemes for violent retribution for yourself. and no, that is not a rip from my old tape, it is a copy i found on the www – thanks to the original uploader!