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where evil dwells

October 30, 2007

as not to loose the main thread – well, where were we? something to do with sleaze, right? and since it is this time of the year again when scary is all the rage let me introduce you to some really sleazy and really scary music:

wiseblood – dirtdish


one of the best records i have. hard and evil and dirty.

the duo consisting of clint ruin a.k.a j.g. thirlwell a.k.a. foetus a.k.a. a lot more monikers, known also for his collaboration with an army of people (to mention especially: marc almond) and roli mosimann, known for being with the now legendary band swans, but also known for working with the the, new order and the great the young gods delivered with dirtdish a record that showed that you don’t have to be fast to be hard. long songs that build up to a psychotic fury. the drumming is slow and powerful, the production excellent, the lyrics mean and vicious – it’s like a brainwash. what else can i say? get it here.


the details: it’s a digital copy from the cd-version i once downloaded from the internet (thanks to the original uploader) – so i did not have to rip it from my vinyl copy. and since it’s from cd, you get the original 6 tracks and as bonus the first wiseblood release motorslug (which i find somewhat less powerful), and the 12″ versions of stumbo / somebody drowned in my pool, and a track called death rape 2000 (a la muerte reference?)

so the tracklist reads as follows:

01 – Prime Gonzola
02 – 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
03 – Stumbo
04 – Someone Drowned In My Pool
05 – Godbrain
06 – The Fudge Punch

07 – Motorslug
08 – Stumbo (12” Version)                                                            09 – Death Rape 2000                                                                     10 – Someone Drowned In My Pool (12” Version)

for an interview with clint ruin about wiseblood go here.

official foetus homepage:

et hop! da hip da hop: don’t stop

October 29, 2007

i have a pending request. i did some research and mulled over how to fullfill this request. there would have been an easy way out (two links, some uploads), but this request seemed a good occassion to revisit some other stuff and make actually a couple of posts out of it. i just felt uneasy to go straight to the point – i rather try to give some context and try to seduce you into discovering a lot more – but then that’s what this blog is about, too, anyway.

so i will open up an undercurrent on this blog (another one? aaargh) – to make it not too complicated all the posts relating to that particular thread will have “et hop!” at the beginning of the headline. so let’s get started.

hip hop. yeah, hip hop is not a favourite genre of the lgbt-crowd, although this slowly changes, since the youth of today grew up with it. furthermore quite some hip hop artists have been (rightly) accused of being homophobic – but then i still divide between particular artists and a musical genre, and i encountered homophobia in many musical scenes (from punk concerts to house parties – while a gay dj was spinning). that hip hop can be controversial concerning many topics i am well aware of – some reasons as to why we might touch upon in the course of this mini-series.

what follows is the highly personal history of hip hop according to sunbathinglizard. i’m not interested in being a hip hop specialist – if you want a really good history of hip hop i recommend you start by reading david toop‘s rap attack. hip hop has also never been my main musical interest – there were times i listened to quite a lot of hip hop (or was forced to by having a (not only) hip hop-dj as flatmate – hi, a!), then there were times i kind of forgot about it. oh – and don’t forget: this is from an european perspective. but of course you are also welcome to leave comments with stories from your perspective, telling your memories and experciences. so let me take you on a stroll down my memory lane…

it starts rather classical: in retrospect i have to say like so many others that grandmaster flash‘s the message (see video above) was the first hip hop track i ever heard. just that to my recollection nobody called it hip hop – it was called rap. somehow it was new music, but then it was new especially through its vocal delivery, yep, the rapping. but then you heard somewhat similar styles also elsewhere – talking over music was in pop music maybe rare, but not never heard of. and something similar was already done in african music and especially in jamaican music: toasting. and using voice as an instrument in more a rhytmic way was also known in jazz: scat. what i found new at the time was the flow, grandmaster flash’s style to talk over music. but somehow rap was just one of many new styles of music emerging at the time – styles that were also somehow connected. the more electronic side of things with early electro, the influences of european electronic music and new wave, the influence of funk and soul – mixed with a lot of other influences and then adding this urban angst feeling to it. at the time i classified grandmaster flash, as well as the sugar hill gang with rapper’s delight, as something belonging to that bunch of artists doing new and exciting stuff like talking heads, blondie, klaus nomi, and so on… and (although i found that out only later) a lot of these people were actually connected to each other. so early hip hop was just another aspect of a very creative and exciting music scene. if i remember correctly people had no problem to listen to joy division, grandmaster flash, kraftwerk, sugarhill gang, man parrish, the cure, yello and so on in one evening.

then the other early american hip hop artist that has to be mentioned was of course africa bambaataa.

the video above is planet rock – the über-classic for hip hop, electro and techno alike. as a little aside: the track uses samples of tracks by the german band kraftwerk – and as the story goes, kraftwerk first wanted to sue afrika bambaataa for the unauthorized use of their music (not the only reason to be critical of kraftwerk – but that is another story altogether). i heard his stuff definitly later then grandmaster flash and sugarhill gang. but then i registered him rather through the zulu nation: one nation under a groove. (one nation under a groove is referring to the album of the same name by the funk band funkadelic). by forming the zulu nation, afrika bambaataa actually first put that new music in a certain social context:

“the universal zulu nation: international hip hop awareness movement. knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace unity, love, respect, work fun, overcoming the negative to the positive, economics, mathematics, science, life, truth, facts, faith” – from the zulu nation website.

and now, to give you something to listen to i put up a mixtape from africa bambaataa i found a while ago somewhere on the net (thanks to the original uploader!). it’s obviously a tape-rip, and the tape is a recording from a german radio station. from a german radio station? but of course – do not forget that west-germany (since it was separated at the time) had a huge amount of american soldiers based there – and they had to be entertained with some american culture… so they also had their american radio. and obviously grandmaster flash was there mixing some tunes. i do have no information on the date it was recorded – but by the tracklisting it must be somethin like early to mid-eighties.

the tracklist of the tape reads as follows:

Side 1
01 Trouble Funk – Trouble Funk express
02 Fab 5 Freddy ft. B-Side – Change the beat
03 Phase 2 – The rock beat(?)
04 Don Henley – Dirty laundry
05 D-Train – D-Train
06 Planet Patrol – Play at your own risk
07 Soul Sonic Force – Planet rock
08 Bar-Kays – Do it
09 Instant Funk – No stoppin’ that rockin’
10 Man Parrish – Six super synthesizers
11 Soul Sonic Force – Looking for the perfect beat
12 Mr. Biggs & IKC (maybe Keith from Funky Four) – Rap attack

Side 2
01 Mr. Biggs & IKC (maybe Keith from Funky Four) – Rap attack
02 Falco – Der Kommissar
03 DeBarge Family – All this love
04 Nicodemus – Bone man connection
05 Michigan & Smiley – Diseases
06 unknown
07 Malcolm McLaren & World Supreme Team – Buffalo gals
08 Trouble Funk – Drop the bomb
09 Parliament – Flashlight
10 unknown
11 Smurf that body – unknown
12 unknown
13 Sly & the Family Stone – If you want me to stay

get it here.

so far so good – these are about my very early recollections of what got latter called early hip hop. the two points for me here are: i was (and i guess many others were) unaware that this was the birth of a musical genre that would be years later a dominating force in the musical mainstream. and that this music would influence different genres that had yet to emerge. electro, of course, but also house and techno. and the second point is that at that time (by not yet being a musical genre) it was very open, and also the attitudes of other people towards this type of music was very open. both changed…

other early stuff that comes to mind is of course falco with his huge hit der komissar. BIG hit. hey, don’t wrinkle your nose and say it’s pop: of course it’s pop, but it was also considered rap-music. and falco was way ahead of the game: he came across as very arrogant and did not shy away to draw parallels between him and mozart. but then he never shied away from some controversy. and just to get things right: he was not german, but austrian.

then there was malcom mclaren (ex-manager of the sex pistols) with buffalo gals, another quite big hit at the time.

there have been a couple of others (when did musical youth come out?), but then i do not remember all of that.

other artists picked of course up that something new was happening and were experimenting with that new style. and as early “rap-oddities” two examples come to mind: the german punk-rock band die toten hosen made a track called bommerlunder with a rap on it, and in switzerland the band züri west had one song, called hans peter, on their first 4track-ep kirchberg from 1986 that could be considered a rap over a kind of rockabilly beat – at least that was the kind of joke at the time. but i guess here i’m stretching it a little bit…

but why don’t you decide for yourself? it’s a very nice record anyway, and it has a great cover, and it has a coverversion of är hett uf sim chopf… by mani matter, and you have the occasion to hear that guttural, allemanic language they call shwiitzertütsh – and if it helps to radically re-contextualize music…

get it here.

züri west official homepage.


rangoon moon

October 28, 2007

and continuing the association game there is this super reduced video – one take, no camera movement – not much movement at all. totally low budget, but also totally working. if i remember correctly the moma new york even has it in his collection…

it’s rangoon moon by double – yes, R is going to like that, i hope. they were a swiss band, rising to international fame with their interesting brand of lounge-pop in the 1980s. for a detailed biography please visit their website doublecity.

here the video:

how does it feel?

October 27, 2007

while i was digging around for that prince video another video came to mind. by the music, which sounds in my ears rather prince-ish – it is a tribute to prince, after all – i always associate it with prince. and the video just let my jaw drop the first time i saw it – after a night out, making me some tea before going to bed, putting the tv on – and wow. i like its reducedness, it’s nakedness. and it’s a beautiful song. and i still hope that he will once collaborate with moodyman.

so sit back, relax and watch untitled (how does it feel) by d’angelo.

son of a king

October 26, 2007


somehow it seems a little bit unfair to put this great musician in the context of sleaze – on the other hand he did some real dirty tracks – in the most elegant way, of course. yep, prince is just one of the great ones. and after all any occassion is a good occasion to post something by him. he made lots of great albums, wrote a huge amount of songs for other artists, has some of the nicest record covers around (thank you N! i just can’t decide if parade or lovesexy is more fun) and has his unique look – how many men do you know that dare to dress like he does and still have more sex in their little finger then most of the pop business together? aaah – i could write a whole lot about his unique take on masculinity and all that, but i think best is to just have a look at his video to kiss (by the way, has anybody his video to sexy mf? strange enough it is nowhere to be found):

and now for some music – actually quite a lot of music. of course i highly recommend to buy his official releases. and yes, i still think sign of the times is one of the great ones. and it has one of my favourite songs on it: if i was your girlfriend.

then there are tons of prince bootlegs around – and three of them you get today. all three i actually haven’t seen much on the net – the first 2 come from cd’s bought in italy, the last one is actually from the www – thanks to the original uploader!

so first is a bootleg with unreleased stuff – well, i guess mister prince could fill another hundred albums with music stored at his paisley park studios… i especially would like to point out the last song, billy’s sunglasses. a kind of endless jam, slowly building up – just have a look at the running time of the song. here the full tracklist:

Vibrator Talk 1 0:29
Vibrator Talk 2 0:39
Vibrator 7:14
Climax 4:50
Lisa 6:00
Billy’s Sunglasses 51:08

it’s a cd by the danish kicks label (kicks cd115659) called dirty mind by son of a king (but it has nothing to do with the official release by the same name). the quality is very good – except at some points it sounds like the (master?) tape got somehow wound up. get it here.


next is a live bootleg from the u.s. tour in 1982. the qualitiy is not really great, but i love that one for it’s sound of a hard dance party – as an introduction you hear prince say: this is not a concert, this is a dance. and then all the critics love u in new york just pumps away… the tracklist reads as follows:

all the critics love u in new york 12:47
when you were mine 7:26
sexy dancer 7:43
still waiting 11:19
sexuality 23:35
party up 6:28

prince – international lover. get it here (link killed).


yeah, all that old stuff – obviously it is time for something more recent – actually quite recent. mister prince played this year for the first time the jazzfestival montreux in switzerland – claude nobs (the daddy of the festival) wanted him for years and this summer he finally came. tickets were sold out in something like ten minutes, making it the fastest sold out concert in the long history of the jazzfestival montreux. and after playing the regular show prince of course also played an aftershow gig. the songs played were:

1. brickhouse
2. 3121
3. band jam
4. get on the boat

the quality is very good. prince – aftershow jazzfestival montreux, 17 july 2007. get it here.


not enough? then how about some prince covers? the berkeley palace put together some coverversions of her / his favourite prince songs: the top 10 prince songs aka 10 reasons i dig prince covers. and if you still have not enough (greedy bunch, you) there is the follow up 10 more reasons i love prince covers.

and now it is time to listen and enjoy!


request – mustapha tettey addy

October 26, 2007


one for j: mustapha tettey addy – master drummer from ghana. the title sums it all up: this record is about drumming.

ripped from vinyl@192 into two mp3 files (side a/side b), coverscans with the explaining linernotes included. get it here (link expired).


same same but different

October 26, 2007

on the post a homosexual life i got a comment by suzie queue – thank you, suzie! since i suspect that not many of you saw it i would like to bring it to your attention here:

I gotta tell you, I always laugh when I hear those right wing idiots talk about the “Homosexual LIFESTYLE”.

I bet they think that every gay men wakes up to an alarm-COCK, brushes their teeth with a dildo-shaped toothbrush, takes a shower and shove the back-srubber up their ass…

They just can’t imagine that gay men lead ordinary lives like the rest of the world. What’s done in the bedroom between consenting adults is nobody’s business. And really, if a “Hetersexual LIFESTYLE” is defined by having sex with a woman, then that’s about 20 minutes every few days. THen when you’re not having sex, you’re JUST LIKE the gay men who are not having sex.

So what’s the difference?

first i would like to say that i want that toothbrush – do they also do electric ones of that model?

actually i don’t want to add much to this comment – it should rather be an invitation to other readers to voice their opinion. so what’s the difference?

what i would like to add is that the talk of a homosexual lifestyle in a political context usually just means that being homosexual is a choice and therefore one can also decide against being homosexual. but i am not really interested in that. what i would be interested is rather in the gay lifestyle – i call it that way to make the difference to the homosexual desire, which i do not think is a choice. but how do you express this same-sex desire in your social identity? and how much choice do you have to decide for or against a gay lifestyle? and what’s the difference to so called straight folks?

i already gave you by the material here presented a choice of answers – but now it’s time for your answers.

internet cruisin’

October 25, 2007


the mkmael project


(click to enlarge)


October 25, 2007

after this internal discussion about dirty gays it is time for some straight, mainstream dirrty sleaze. yeah, time to rewatch christina aguilera‘s video to dirrty. nice. i love this video. once for the men and second there is a bunny in it. enjoy!

still cruisin’

October 25, 2007

we took a cab to the tearoom, we went to cruise the streets and now it’s time for some action in the park.

in 2006, gay outdoor cruising made headlines, mostly because george michael (yes, him again) has been photographed by paparazzi leaving hampstead heath. instead of apologizing he stated that anonymus no-string sex was just part of the gay lifestyle. this generated some interesting reactions: it went to the point that tony grew in an opinion piece called time for a gay schism? on voted for a schism of the gay community: sleaze or non-sleaze.

it’s actually a nice example of one part of the discussion concerning outdoor sex in the gay community. the main point is that these men looking for sex in toilets and parks are misrepresenting gay people. some arguments for this claim are as follows:

it’s illegal. actually in the u.k. it’s not. if there is no (uninvolved) witness, it is no offence. in other countries it might be. to play devil’s advocate: why should criminals not be part of the gay community? society at large consists also partly of criminals – why not the gay community? and what about the countries criminalizing homosexuals acts? can they have a gay community? and then i think that outdoor sex is in no way harming society at large – so i do not see much reason to have laws against outdoor sex.

“public toilets and parks are not the property of a certain type of socially deviant homosexual man..(grew)” first i would like to point out that all homosexuals are socially deviant. period. but the topic here is who owns public places? not that easy to answer, huh? the ones it is made for? the ones who are there? but shouldn’t public places be for everybody? they are obviously not as every bum will tell you. public places are also always places where one can see the policing of space very well – or do you feel in every part of your city at home and safe? so occupying and claiming a public space by groups happens all the time. so to grew’s question “why is it ok for gay men to take over a public amenity and then intimidate straight people into not going there?” i would say it is o.k. because every group uses public space – why should deviant homosexuals not use it? to the second part, intimidation: well, who is afraid of fags? disgusted maybe, but intimidated? i do not think so. and then there is the question of who else is going to hang out at night in hampstead heath.

then there is the point of anonymus sex being “…very anti-social, very lonely and ultimately deeply unfulfilling.(grew)” true. its being anti-social and lonely are actually reasons for searching this kind of sex. deeply unfullfilling? not up to me to decide. but i always find it somewhat irritating that within the gay community there is so much critizising of certain ways to have sex. hey, we are seen as a minority, as deviant because of a certain form of sex – do we really need to repeat that within our community? moralizing about the sexual preferences of others?

there are a couple of more arguments like outdoor cruising being too risky and being outdated. but to finish off i would like to cite some sentences from the end of the article:

“is this the image of gay men you want? that we are all sex-mad and slightly simple-minded? for years sensible gay and lesbian people have argued that we are just the same as everyone else. we just wanted to be able to settle down and get married and live in peace. then the dirty mac brigade hijack the airwaves, showing their inability or unwillingness to adapt to the new social reality. (grew)”

yep, heavy stuff. i thought we fought for equal rights and marriage so we have the same options a heterosexuals – options. looks like these options have changed into binding laws. but then maybe this whole opinion piece was just a satire? read it for yourself and tell me what you think…

feelin’ bitchy

October 20, 2007

it’s sunday morning… you wake up, your head feels kind of funny. it was a bad night out. even worse: it was a boring night out. the music wasn’t good, neither were the men. you were not even in the mood for drinking and still you have a funny head. you get out of bed, make some coffee, take a leak, look for the crumpled pack of fags, put on feelin’ bitchy and get back to bed.

then nothing is better then to hear about the misery of others when you feel kind of low…


millie jackson – feelin’ bitchy. not exactly a disco album – there is a lot of funk and soul in there, too. the music is sweaty and pumping, and millie is just great – this woman knows how to sing, how to talk, and seemingly knows what she talks about. feelin’ bitchy is (like many millie jackson records) something of a concept album, exploring one specific topic. here it is the problems of a couple and the respective wrongdoings. just to culminate in her beautiful version of if you’re not back in love by monday. what a beautiful song. and to make you really cry, all alone in your cold appartment in your bed with just a mug of coffee, she finishes the album with a heartbreakingly beautiful lovesong…

yes, millie jackson has many shades: she can be a total bitch and she can be very loving and tender – sometimes this different moods are only a song apart… so get yourself some millie jackson – she is one of the great ones!

feelin’ bitchy you get here (link dead). ripped@192 from vinyl – the side b is ripped as one track since the different songs segue into each other. and now lay back, light another fag, watch the smoke curl and listen to the story she tells…

and since i am very compassionate i thought a little bonus would light up your day:


from the cd-version of her live record live & uncensored you get the bonus tracks live and outrageous. pfuuh, does she have a filthy mouth – all while being hilariously funny. well, real adult entertainment. and one can learn a thing or two: for example i learned that it is disrespectful to call someone bitch. you call them miss bitch.

that highly entertaining bit of live millie jackson you get here (link expired).

and then you can visit millie jackson’s homepage, the page of her record label weird wreckuds, here. be sure to check out the shop – great t-shirts….!

ten percent

October 20, 2007


aaah, more bare chests.

it’s sunday morning… you wake up and look at the gorgeous man sleeping next to you. the party was great. the music was great. the atmopshere was great. you felt great. he felt great. and he tasted great. slowly you get up to make coffee. its smell is waking him up and still slightly sleepy he walks into your kitchen and you find out he still tastes good…

so you two start preparing a big sunday breakfast – not talking that much, but touching a lot. and you will have all sunday to taste and to feel, to be lazy, to talk and to listen, and maybe even watch the snooker grand prix finals.

so you put on this record, that is rich and upbeat and just very good: ten percent by double exposure.


one of the great disco records from one of the great disco lables, salsoul. rich in sound, with strings and horns and men singing and a lot of percussion – nicely upbeat to wake you up to a great sunday! and titles like i need your loving might be rather inspirational for the two of you…

highly recommended – get it here (link expired).

ripped lovingly from vinyl as mp3-files@192.

and for more information about the boys, i recommend again the discomuseum.


night fever

October 20, 2007


so you want more? you want to dance really all night long? so you need a sure burner, one that keeps you going. so you get night fever by the fatback band. a solid dance record. a very solid one. if i remember correctly they started out as a funk band – and one hears it. a solid funky base – and what a bass! that should surely make you groove… here wolf mahn’s line “der bass macht dich nass” makes suddenly sense: this bass makes you wet! so no slick disco – but sweaty, driving one. there is one slow song on the record – just that you get some air – but for the rest the steamy disco train just rides on…

the band still exists and records and performs – for details visit their webpage,

so here you get night fever. ripped@192 in two mp3 files: side a / side b. the tracklist reads as follows:

side a: night fever – a little funky dance – if that’s the way you want it – the joint (you and me)

side b: disco crazy – the booty – no more room on the dance floor – december 1963 (oh what a night)

so feel the night fever move your booty to a little funky dance on the dance floor and get disco crazy!



October 19, 2007


i can’t wait for saturday night to begin – and now it’s here. need the soundtrack to it? then have a look at the million dollar disco.

a resource for many things disco-related – and especially hosting disco-mixes, old and new. go grab one, say thank you and start to boogie oogie oogie!

the san francisco tape

October 19, 2007


it’s saturday evening and you are just thinking about what to wear. you realize that your friends will soon show up, your dealer hasn’t called back yet and you still don’t know what to wear. so things are slowly heating up…

so something not disco, but showing disco’s influence – a house tape by d.k.b.: the san francisco tape. house with disco and funk samples, for me fitting here because i think it has that disco-feel, this euphoria, but gentle and softly muted, driving and up, but not (yet) peak time. you can still sit down with your friends and have that first drink of the night…

ripped from tape@192, 2 mp3 files (side a / side b).

get it here.