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why can’t we live together?

September 22, 2007

after the last post it’s just appropriate to listen to some timmy thomas asking why can’t we live together? the song is also known through sade‘s version (on her album diamond life).

first you get a live version – much juicier then the original, actually really upbeat. it’s from a french limited edition 12″ from 1979. the b side is a song called rainbow power. ripped from vinyl@192 as mp3’s. some scans are included. get it here.

closer to the original version in the mood and in its sparse arrangement are the following versions on a white label from a rather obscure american label (shoesrecordings) from 2006. why can’t we live together? once as a house mix, once as a dub mix. two mp3’s @192. get it here.

not enough? well, then grab the low budget style ep by soulution entertainment (björn petrikat) from 2000. house that learned a lot from minimal – at a first listen it sounds sparse as well, but then it gets actually rather intricate. definitly tracks (as opposed to songs). the reason to post it here is track number 2: no more war. get it here.

and if you want to buy this record: freebase records.