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June 15, 2008

data streaming endlessly through the global networks, flowing into our brains. and before drowning, let me point you to some islands.

less lyrically put: following you’ll find my personal choice of interesting stuff. so let me be your selector.

murcof. something that i keep playing repeatedly – not least because the weather is cold and wet, but especially because it is beautiful and calm is murcof’s last record cosmos from last year. ovelaying textures and a slow deepness – drifting and evolving. and then it fits nicely in the sequence of the two preceeding posts – just more the bearish type. get an ear full of over at his myspace page. for more information, performance dates and a couple of videos please visit his website. and over at smuggled sounds you’ll find a recording of his, together with erik truffaz and talvin singh at the jazzfestival montreux (m even liked it hearing over the phone). and of course sound+ also features one of his performances from seattle in 2004.

convextion. somewhat elusive artist from texas. more textures, overlaying, but less ambient / classical / minimal then a special flavour of electro. it’s one of these sets i downloaded and it just played on my computer and i was doing something else and suddenly i realized that i’m listening to excellent music – yes, it slowly crept into my awareness. and yes, since then it is not leaving my playlist. convextion, live pa , manchester 25.04.2008 – get it here. yep, this also comes from sound+ (where you’ll also find some older live recordings of convextion – and it shows you that you should be on the mailing list – not everything is up on the website).

octave one. robert hood. claudio ponticelli. after all this rather slow electronica time for some techno: via the detroitinstitute comes a nice triple pack of elegant techno. at the moment i prefer the octave one-set. but this changes according to mood… a very nice robert hood mix you’ll also find here at the bodytonic music website.

baroquedub. leaving the electronic a little bit, but not totally – and hoping that summer will come eventually i would like to point to baroquedub (finally!) – mixtapes with many sounds around dub: from dubstep to laptop-dub to classic roots and some surprises. always quality, always interesting – and one can never have enough dubby sounds around, right? so stock up before summer is here!

urbanology. talking of dubby sounds: i mentioned this earlier, but i keep on listening to it, still. it is just so nice and manages to put me in a good mood even when it drizzles with rain. yep, you should finally get fat freddy’s drop. and while you’re there, have a listen at lou courtney – i’m in need of love. one of the great soulrecords. period.

leave your nine at home. and then there is a birthday to celebrate: leave your nine is two years old. that is pretty old in blog years, i suppose. so head over and sing a little birthday song…

the cookshop. and the cookshop celebrated a while ago his 500th post. respect. still bringing us all this wonderfully strange music… thanks!

audiofile. while we’re visiting favourites i would also like to point out a special segment over at the queermusicheritage: if you would like a regular update of new releases by lgbt artists, i recommend you listen to audiofile here. hidden there in the archive is a special show, containing the ten most influental songs for the lgbt community. of course my choice would have been rather different – but then that’s the fun of such lists, right? have a look and a listen here (just scroll down). one song that would have made it on my list as well, i think, is tom robinson’s glad to be gay. which brings us to the next stop in our little journey…

tom robinson. essential listening. zero g posted the first record of the tom robinson band: power in the darkness, which includes the above mentioned song glad to be gay. i repeat it again: ESSENTIAL LISTENING. what a record. and what lyrics. yeah! and he posted as well the live record tom robinson band: cabaret. and zero g is anyway very much worrth a visit. although it kind of bugs me that he posted that (another) record which i try to find since months. but that’s just the collector in me speaking right now. then i also urge you to visit tom robinson’s website: a lot more information, food for thoughts, other intersting stuf, and yes, some of his albums for free.

macho man randy savage. so – to end this post with something very virile…grrrrr….and…errr… rather different: the record of wrestling star macho man randy savage called, surprisingly: be a man. it can’t get much butcher then that. and then the cover! yes, i was just sold after seeing the cover. it’s perfect in its own way, somehow… you can get it over at burning down the dreams of forever.

so – i hope you enjoyed that little trip around and really hope you enjoy at least some of the sounds i pointed you to. as usual: be nice to all these friendly folks making such great stuff available.