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Abdolvahab Shahidi

August 14, 2007


we had a modern, visual take on persian culture, time for some classical persian music.

i found this on one of my favourite blogs, magic of juju. a fantastic resource for, well, good music! (although there haven’t been any new posts for a while most links seem still to be active.) the post in question dates from december 12th, 2006.

abdolvahab shahidi is a barbat (and oud) player and singer.

you’ll find three songs which are, well, simply beautiful. quiet, sensual, moving music. highly recommended!
some more information comes from a commentator at the above mentioned blog: ” The songs on side A are “Ud-e man” and “Khoda Hafez”, both texts written by a certain Nariman. Side B features a poem by Homa: “Ghame duste ghadimie man”.”


get it here.

for more information you can go here.

and for some more music from the man (ram-files) you can go here.