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moving on to marocco

August 16, 2007

jean genet’s grave at the larache cemetry, marocco. found via

jean genet’s grave at the larache cemetry, marocco. found via

the attentive reader is aware that there is one addition to the topic of jean genet still open (for the time being, at least).

if you got into his works and want to know more about the background of jean genet, or if you first want some background information before getting into his work i highly recommend “Genet – A Biography” by edmund white.


easily available, well written, with a lot of information, translated in many languages – well, it is my book recommendation of the day!


an additional picture – and a map that goes with it comes from horst vries – thank you:

another photo of his grave, and a map on

Jean Genet and the Middle East: Sexuality, Politics and Literature

August 14, 2007

i would like to make two additions to the topic of jean genet – the first in this post.

jean genet is certainly famous for his novels and his plays – but he also wrote reports – very often in defence of the ones fighting in any way for… hm, liberty. most famous are his associations to the black panthers, the palestinians, and the r.a.f. – the german rote armee fraktion. especially the defence of the last ones kind of broke his neck socially.

yes, M is certainly right by remarking that his morals are dangerous. in my opinion it has of course something to do with taking up the fight for the suppressed – but somehow i think it also has a lot to do with loyality. a certain loyality to himself and to his desires….

so jean genet is certainly a good starting point to muse about politics and desire.

so here a link to an excerpt of a longer work by Jordan Sudermann: Jean Genet and the Middle East: Sexuality, Politics and Literature.

concerning this text i would like to point out two things:

first it is interesting that Sudermann compares the attraction for arab men of jean genet to the one of andré gide, trying to establish one as “deeper”. as problematic as i find such a question in a scientific paper, i nevertheless find it very interesting to think what a “deeper” attraction might be – the adding of love, as proposed in the text? and when can one talk, especially on a (post-)colonial / sextourism background of an ethical way to act on ones (sexual) desires? and what does it mean to use these experiences for ones art?

second i find the following sentence especially worth discussion:

“The motives of his political involvement with the Algerians and the Palestinians are not always clear, as a simple kinship with another group of marginalized or oppressed peoples is muddied by Genet’s sexual attractions. ”

basically it is for me the question how much our politics are / should be informed by our experiences, our personal relationships and our sexual attractions. does it might boil down to ideology vs. an individual humanism?

and that’s what you learn from it all

August 8, 2007

querelle movie still


August 8, 2007

another way to get into the world of jean genet is of course his most famous book: “querelle”.

the story of a sailor (who gambles for his ass) became famous also through the film of rainer werner fassbinder of the same name. a film like a sweaty halluzination.

querelle - movie poster

and here you see the man

August 8, 2007

jean genet

so just that you know what jean genet actually looked like. unfortunately i do not know where the pic comes from – i had it for some time on my HD and it is definitly one of my favourites…

if you want to get into jean genet, now that you checked his little movie, i recommend you start reading his books. i started with “the thief’s journal” – and i still think it is a good starting point to enter the universe of monsieur genet.

so – get yourself a copy.

starting with a saint

August 8, 2007

the choice with what to start a blog about

material for the art of living…queer

is for me quite obvious: saint jean genet.

un chant d’amour

primarly a writer (and well, a thief and a traitor) he also made one movie: “un chant d’amour” ( a song of love).

a movie about two prisoners and one guard – not surprisingly for genet it is about power, intimacy, and sexual desire between men.

so yes, it is a movie for adults and explicit in content. it is very erotic, poetic, and triggers for me a certain feeling of longing for a time when the desire between men seemed more pure…

you will be able to watch and download it from the excellent ubuweb website.

so get it here.