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July 12, 2008

so – this is the last post with music from the swiss underground in the 1980s for the time being. well, i will present later on two other bands… yes, the two from geneva. to finish in beauty i have something very special. it was interesting to find out that the vylllies are maybe the band from that period that is the most popular with music blogs – i found all of their records loaded up on quite a number of blogs from all corners of the world. this is rather ironic, then although they were in their time pretty successfull, they also met with a lot of criticism – rather dumb critcism which tended to infuriate me at the time – but hey, this time history whacked these critics right (and who remembers pretentious oh-my-god-we-are-so-arty-unkownmix? huh? allright, this goes back to an old story… pardon me).

true, the vyllies were different. in many ways. of course visually (these strange things on their heads for the cover of lilith, for example), and also musically. usually described as dark-goth or something like that, i would propose the term baroque electronic witch-pop. drum machines, strong synths and very specific singing were the trademarks of the vyllies. and it is interesting, relistening to their music, how they already had a certain loop-based aesthetic – although at the time one had to work rather with tape loops… and yes, the goth-thing is true in their music having an eery quality – gently scary. you know, witches…

for a first listen you can visit their myspace site – and if you like what you hear, you can visit this blog (linked to from the vyllies) to download all of their records. yes, this greek connection still seems to work (they published their first record on a greek label).

and now, yes, i did find it (see the preceeding post), the promised special thing: the vyllies live! a first live recording comes from the ch rock festival in bern in 1985, containing three songs, which you can get here. and then, from just a couple of months later: the vyllies live at the jazzfestival montreux 1985 – the full concert including the encore. yes. get it here.

and now excuse me – there is a concoction brewing on my stove…