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whistling the dark away

November 17, 2008

not that anybody really remembers her these days. her career took a serious blow when, well, the nazis lost. after all she was quite a star during the nazi regime, hosting radio shows, entertaining the troops – basically a good citizen, right? supporting the democratic elected governement of the time – or is a good citizen the one who critizes the governement when she / he sees something goes wrong? well, tucholsky has been accused time and time again for being a nestbeschmutzer doing exactly that.

but then ilse werner was seemingly politically naïve. yes, that argument sounds familiar. it might have been true. i just realize that this argument basically shows up either with young men (the image of the enthusiastic young men – like a puppy) and with women… hm, that might be something to think about, too.

but what hit me listening to her songs was that happiness, that good humour, this pure upbeat mood that clashes with all these images i have in my mind, having seen lately again a lot of documentaries, starting with ww one up to afghanistan. and yes, the question is if it is allright to make such happy music in such dark times. and if it is allright to listen to such happy music in such dark times. well, it is not really the question – for me it does not make sense to demand that everything be gloom when times are bad. actually i was especially in need of certain music in personally dark times. music that did let me escape. for me it is rather about the difference between a happiness that does not care (or might even acknowledge that there isn’t only happiness) and a happiness that outright denies that one could not be happy. oppresive happiness, maybe? but then this also seems based on a personal sensibility: on ilse werner’s record is a song called sing’ ein lied, wenn du mal traurig bist, which reminds me by its lyrics a lot of don’t worry be happy (of bobby mcferrin)-as ong i really dislike (soory, bob). but i knew someone that loved and needed the later song, especially when he was down, broke, withouth job, and all that… but then my friend seemed to take that song in a “i don’t care” way – which would fall in line again with the line i’ve drawn above. and then i have to admit that i am anyway a grumpy person that does not like to be told when to be happy (or sad, of course).

so yes, it might be appropriate to feel a little bit of happiness in not happy times – how much the music of ilse werner crosses that line (if it does) i leave up to you. but then there is another reason to post this record. ilse werner has not only been an actress (yes, she can be seen for example in the movie bel ami by willi forst), and a singer, but also a: whistler. a very good one, indeed. so if you are into that kind of thing i highly recommend her record. and – this is a detail which titillates my sense of humour withouth end – she whistles on the intro of wind of change by the scorpions. ah, history can be so ironic.

so – have a listen to yourself and get the recordings of ilse werner singing and whistling here. well, and be happy…