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re-reup: der böse bub eugen

October 14, 2010

by popular demand – interesting that this band has not been forgotten…

as the link for regen im park is dead i ripped my copy of that lp – just be warned: it does skip quite a bit. well, that record has been played and shared a lot (yeah, kind of physical file-sharing back in the days…).

so: here you get regen im park. lovingly ripped from vinyl…

the other stuff you get in the original post.


re: three

June 18, 2009

re: like re-up’s

yes, there has been quie some activity on here – rather hidden, admittedly.

a big THANK YOU to all the people taking the time to leave a comment. and thank you for providing me with more hildegard knef that i could ever dream of. and thank you for providing me with interesting new information on zarah leander – although it does expose my ignorance… but i guess that’s allright. and hey – contributions to the discussion are welcome!

then i re-upped by request der böse bub eugen

rechnungfrontsmalland i re-upped sein – and by relistening it, it hit me how good this record is. and how much it is linked to my last post – reminiscing, but not really nostalgic… great stuff. and yes, because i have been asked so nicely there is also a special bonus…

as usual: enjoy!

request: der böse bub eugen (but no sein)

June 7, 2008

finally! well, there a reasons why it took so long.

first: my apology to you attchort: i was unable to find the copy of another record by sein – i was very sure i had it somewhere, but even after a very thorough search it did not appear. i am sorry. i guess you will have to go through their website… but then i did find more eugen (and a lot of other stuff, as usual…)

now let’s start with some information on the music i did find:

the first music blog i linked to in connection with my first music post on this blog (yes, santrra) was the russian (is it really russion? well, it is in kyrillic) blog plast massa with a taste for the more…hm…underground german stuff. which is already interesting. but a while ago he posted something really unexpected: german singing swiss band der böse bub eugen‘s record regen im park. this is – like the preceeding posts – for me coming out of the period of the mid 1980s – so this actually fits here in the sequence of posts quite nicely. so yes, this music is also soaked with memories of being young and all that – and it was the perfect soundtrack for these times: the music is, well, guitar pop. very swiss, if you want, in it being lüpfig, meaning it swings and rolls and is definitly upbeat, not afraid to also use a polka rhythm and a ländler-bassline. lyrically they were also a lot of fun: not exactly silly (this spot was taken, and still is taken in perfection by die ärzte), but cultivating a cheeky country boy attitude, coming from a place where the girls wear they hair in braids, the most exciting thing that happens is the yearly fun fair and the first erotic experiences are made in the hay. which does not mean that one can not wonder about the life of an undertaker or who shot phil marlowe or how it would be as a sailor sailing the big ocean. all this was served with a lot of cleverness and real talent so it never became cheesy.

their first EP and their following record regen im park were definitly a favourite of me and my friends at the time (after all we did also not come from the big city). and it was a great antidote to a lot of the übercool post-punk and post-new wave stuff. i did see them a couple of times live, too – and their presentation was also live charmingly lanky. later on i kind of lost view of them – also because they moved more into rock territory: i remember seeing them live a couple of years later with rather hard guitars and all – a development i did not like at the time. to reflect the change they also changed the name to a simple eugen. i guess i missed der böse bub

well, the newer stuff is still available, i think. so i am going to offer you the old one: ripped very lovingly from vinyl (@224), including scans of the inlay with the lyrics you’ll find here their very first EP with such great classics like leichenwagen or (my alltime favourite) pagoden-ede. the coolest song mentioning candyfloss ever written that i know (well, the only one mentioning candyfloss, i think).

well, then came the abovementioned longplayer regen im park – also recommended, and yes, there is an accordeon on it, too!

and after that came a single which became something of a (little) hit, mädchen vom anderen stern (girl from another star). i have to admit i did not and still not like that song that much – but i love the flipside: augen wie revolver (eyes like a revolver): great rolling song, smart lyrics about that girl with eyes like a revolver, yes, she is sharpshooting with her eyes… uuhhuuu

and yes, this record came in red vinyl. always nice. get it here.

you think that’s all? naaah – i have a little extra – well, not that little, actually. from that same period i can present you a live recording. this recording comes from a radio broadcast that has been taped back in the days (unfortunately in mono). so you even get an idea how they sounded live at the time.

so get here der böse bub eugen live at the rote fabrik zürich, march 29th 1987 (rock ImPuls festival).

if you would like some more information you can visit this site for a full discography, and this site for a nice article and an interesting interview with stephan ramming, former singer of the band (in german).

and now enjoy!