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insert: piano music in the continuous mode

August 22, 2007


swirling, beautiful piano music. like water running over stones, the strains coming together, parting again. fresh and clear, engaging the listener with its easyness in its flow. maximalist minimalist? i don’t care – it is music, which makes, when you come home in the evening after a day that took its toll and you had to deal with a somehow surprisingly small-minded world (yes, and you have been taken by surprise, again), just by listening to it, a good day.

i am talking about the music of lubomyr melnyk. and additionaly to pointing out that beautiful music to you, with this post i can also point you in the direction of one of the finest music blogs around. a blog which constantly presents music for the open-eared of very high quality: for me not everything on the cookshop is to my taste (which is not the point), but everything is carefully selected and worth at least one listen (that’s the point!). and the amount of amazing music i found there is incredible.

so you better head over to the cookshop for the following reasons:

1. for having a listen to lubomyr melnyk‘s beautiful album kmh (piano music in the coninuous mode) – the direct link is here (and you get some additional information on the artist, too), and

2. to have a look at the great selection of music this blog has to offer – so here you have the general link to the cookshop.