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March 1, 2008

back in the days, in my favourite record store, there were these dj’s always asking for new, you know really new music. to the amusement of the record dealer, everything that was really new they listened to only provoked a wrinkling of the nose and the uttering of: what kind of shit ist that? in a slightly disgusted tone. it happened with the first luomo record, with supercollider and it happened with enginefloatreactor. to be fair: when you did put on a record by alan d oldham (a.k.a. dj t-1000) one expected some techno. but the only detroit techno track on enginefloatreactor has the somewhat irritating title detroit techno must be destroyed. the rest of the record is… well, different. downbeat electronica? electronic shoegaze? as you see it is a great record for inventing new musical genres…

i always found that is one of the very few records that took up the idea of industrial and developed it. being in the late 80’s a big fan of industrial and EBM (electronic body music) i was somehow shocked how this genre just got totally stuck sometime in the 90s – industrial becam rock (hey, NIN make now metal and ministry discover the rolling stones) and the more electronic side just sounded not up to date compared to techno… and obviously only few artists took up these influences and tried to keep it up to date. one is certainly speedy j – for the really dark side. and the other one is alan d. oldham, giving as early as 1997 an idea how industrial influences and techno could be combined and sound , you know, really new.

he actually continued to produce downbeat, trip hop-y and industrial influenced tracks as well as techno… and not enough that he is musically very versatile, he is also publishing comix and has expositions of his art… impressive, to say the least.

you can explore his universe further through his personal website, his blog and his myspace site. and although enginefloatreactor was supposed to be the last transmission of his label generator, he re-activated generator

oh – now you might want to listen to the record i talked about – i might should also mention that at the time it came out as a limited to 500 copies edition…

alan d. oldham – enginefloatreactor (ripped from vinyl@224) you can get here. enjoy! and well, try to classify it for yourself….