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allright, the cover might be not the best…

July 11, 2008

…but the music is good. red rain coat, a band from lucerne, started out as some kind of goth band. not unlike the cure, who were certainly an inspiration to them, the goth thing hid the fact that they basically wrote really good pop songs. so their first single in between the fronts is pretty melancholic with jangling guitars. then they changed over the years to a guitar pop band that published two albums and one ep. so here you get their first single, in between fronts, and here you can get their ep, where ever. it is interesting to note that they cover bronski beat’s smalltown boy on this record. ivo bättig, the former singer/ guitarist has (already since 3 records) a new project, called aerodrum – for more info and a listen you can visit their website.