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sister double happiness

May 7, 2008

so we take things down a notch – still rock, still gay, but a lot more bluesy (not only musically). i came across it again lately and somehow it seems to fit. what makes the music special is certainly the voice of gary floyd, a big bear with an unique voice – and then his lyrics. gary floyd is still known for his time with the punk band the dicks (their version of holiday in cambodia is on the alternative tentacles 100 – tribute to the dead kennedys sampler – where we also find the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy and les thugs). for more information about the dicks, the context they were in and a recording of their reunion show in 2005 i recommend you visit kamikaze connitpions.

with sister double happiness things are not punk anymore – more something like classic rock with quite some blues – if you would like to have a listen you can either go to their myspace site or get their record heart and mind here. enjoy!

gary floyd then moved on to more, hm, country / acoustic music, which suits his voicevery well, too. you can listen to some of his songs on his myspace page. and yes, he does art, too. well drop him a line and be nice – he states being nice, too.

gary floyd – big red me