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black god 2000

October 31, 2010

La Muerte – Black God 2000 10″

request: la muerte

May 5, 2008

yes, it is time to fullfill a couple of reuqests. let’s start with la muerte – somehow they do fit here – well, read what i wrote back in the days about them here. and yes, i re-upped death race 2000 – but i am also able to give you kkk, kustom kar kompetition by la muerte. this comes from the robotmonster over at sfrp: thanks a lot! and now: get it here, play it loud and enjoy!

la muerte – death race 2000

September 5, 2007

this has something to do with foucault’s ideas concerning homosexuality as a way to create relationships rather then being (only?) a sexual orientation. i’ll get back to that in one of the next posts. i’m not really sure why, but somehow la muerte just seem to fit here. and this blog needs something HARD and LOUD and DIRTY now.


la muerte were from 1984 to 1994 a belgium rock band – hard, dirty, loud, blasphemous (ecoute cette priere) and definitly a lot of fun. i saw them live once – and they managed to empty the place in under five minutes. the funny thing was that they played after a goth band inspired by and also the trees and the cure – think fuzzy, dreamlike guitars and sad lyrics. then la muerte entered the stage and played their filthy rock, dressed in full rocker gear, complete with bandanas and mirrored sunglasses. the goths took off like a flock of ravens…

allright – this all points into the direction of hard rock, of motörhead and the like. but no. the links on their website give other reference points: elvis, the cramps, the young gods, jim thirwell (and somehow they do remind me at times of wiseblood), front 242, ministry and others. so this is not really hardrock, it is rather rooted in industrial and uses the same radical aesthetic expression – also the extreme images of sexuality (see the booklet of their live cd raw: drawings between hr giger and manga of penetrating metal objects) and violence. as it is an aesthetic decision this makes the music more interesting – it seems to be a consciuous artistic decision and therefore opens new levels of interpretation.

i always found fascinating how la muerte, as well as other artists like foetus, front 242, revolting cocks dealt with masculinity, creating a form of sometimes rather kinky hyper-masculinity (hello, the cramps!). not necessarily gay, but connected to the gay hyper-masculinity in the knowledge that this is a certain style and that masculinity has nothing to do with authenticity (which is constructed as well, of course), and which is fun to play with because it opens up certain possibilities of creating relationships – be it sexual or not. and i sometimes feel for that reason more connected to this social enviroment (let’s call it industrial / hard underground) then to many aspects of gay life. and here i would like to point out that another link on their website goes into the direction of the work of kenneth anger. so now i am sure that la muerte should come now in the story this blog somehow tells.

so get their record death race 2000 here. it’s ripped from vinyl @ 192 in 2 mp3-files (side a / side b). tracklist included.


you can also visit their website here, and yes, they do have a my space site, too.

as a preview here one song from death race 2000, shoot in your back to listen to and to look at: