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not lola. lili. and lale

October 16, 2008

so i finally get around to fullfill another request: a re-up of the soundtrack to the movie lili marleen. yeah, slowly slowly… ripped at a better bitrate and with better scans – get it here.

and then i thought it a good idea to finally get around and post “the original” lili marleen. the one sung by lale andersen. well, i ripped the whole record. and well, it is actually a pretty bad record. what is frustrating is that basically i should like it: a lot of songs about sailors and fernweh and all that. but then music and arrangements are really…not good. and her overpronounciation of the german language, that very clear pronouncing with too much emphasis on the “i”s and all that… so yes, it is a first: the first record i post that i do not recommend. although it might have a certain camp appeal. well, one song i quite like because it is lyrics-wise just bizarre. it starts with the titel: die rosen, sie blühn nur im mai (the roses only flower in may). which is obviously already a very wrong statement (and no, no poetic licence here, please). and then the lyrics drift strangely to the prairie and cowboys. huh? roses and cowboys? see what i mean? i still don’t know how and why. whoever wrote the lyrics must have had some problems adjusting his / her medication… or maybe it is irony? whatever… well, i by far prefer the versions of hannah schygulla and marlene dietrich (or amanda lear, for that matter). but if you are still up for it: you get it here. and hey, i really do like the name and logo of the label…

more fassbinder: lili marleen ost

November 23, 2007

i just found it this week – and i’m quite excited having found it. it’s the soundtrack to the movie lili marleen by r. w. fassbinder. so to share my excitement and to show off my find i decided to put it up here.


the movie tells the story of a popular singer in the second world war – loosely based on the biography of the woman that made the song lili marleen famous, lale andersen. sung by many others in many languages since, with this record you get a german and an english version sung by hanna schygulla. what else do you get? well, have a look at the tracklist:

A1 Lili Marleen (german version)*
A2 Theme Willie – Part I
A3 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
A4 Got A Bran’ New Suit*
A5 Ouvertüre
A6 English Valse
A7 Theme Willie – Part II
B1&B2 In Einem Polenstädtchen/O Du Schöner Westerwald-Veronika Der Lenz Ist Da
B3 Theme Willie – Part III
B4 Theme Willie – Part IV
B5 Willie’s Valse
B6 Abschiedsmelodie
B7 Theme Willie – Part V
B8 Lili Marleen (english version)*

Peer Raben Orchestra
* sung by Hannah Schygulla

so most are instrumental tracks – short bits, actually. then there is to note that the tracklist (taken from the label) differs from the tracklist on the cover (which has obviously some mistakes). and track B1&B2 segue into each other.

ripped@224 from vinyl – you can get it here.

for more information about the song and its fascinating history you can either visit wikipedia or google it – if you want to have a listen to some other versions you can go here.

for a synopsis of the movie in german, french, english you can visit the fassbinder foundation.

frau fassbinder

August 9, 2007

time for some music. music from frau fassbinder, better known as ingrid caven. she sings smoky chansons in french, english, and german. compared to the other german actresses / singers moving to paris, lotte lenya and marlene dietrich as well as to edith piaf she certainly is a singer not to miss. unfortunately the distribution of her records seems to be good in france – but not so good anywhere else. so here (link killed) you find her record chambre 1050 from 1999.

ingrid caven chambre 1050

i actually wanted to post a live recording, but since H neglects me these days terribly i was unable to get his copy for digitalization.but as a bonus you can listen to an interview with her on german radio from january 2007. yes, it is in german. you can listen, download or read the transcript here:

and here is the official ingrid caven website.

and that’s what you learn from it all

August 8, 2007

querelle movie still


August 8, 2007

another way to get into the world of jean genet is of course his most famous book: “querelle”.

the story of a sailor (who gambles for his ass) became famous also through the film of rainer werner fassbinder of the same name. a film like a sweaty halluzination.

querelle - movie poster