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one man’s meat

June 20, 2008

not directly related (although it could also be labelled as “cross-grained electronic” – just a little bit earlier) – i was just in the mood. and i love the title – even if it is not meant in the way i would like it to be meant. and some fad gadget is never wrong. and yes, he’s the man who had on one of his tours a certain band called depeche mode as his opening act. ages later he was the opening act for them… and yes, you see him on the cover tarred and feathered – as he said in an interview at the time he really did it. and that it was one of his not so good ideas, since he spent most of the following week under the shower… but then he never was one to treat himslef with too much care – never forget his climbing the pa in a gorilla suit at a concert… and yes, a certain anton corbijn took the pictures (see also the cover of the lp gag). here is what you get:

Fad Gadget – 12″ One Man’s Meat
A1 – One Man’s Meat (remix)
B2 – Sleep (electro-induced original)
B3 – Ricky’s Hand (recorde live at the hacienda 1984)

lovingly ripped from vinyl. and here you get it. enjoy!