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rewind: kenneth anger – at jockohomo datapanic

November 9, 2007


i was (and still am) not really happy with my earlier post on kenneth anger. i felt like i will have to do something more informative one day. but i don’t have to – others do it better. and it gives me a good occasion to introduce you to another fine blog: jockohomo datapanic.

a gay blog covering a wide range of topics. from the more personal stuff to wrestling to banksy to manga to art to music to design and more. always a good read and also great for its many links – a recommended resource (and he seems to have facial hair – so doubly recommended)!

so here the link to jockohomo datapanic.

and here the direct link to his kenneth anger post.


amendment – kenneth anger

September 5, 2007

because la muerte seem to be admirers of his work (one of their records is called kustom kar kompetition – referring to a film by kenneth anger called kustom kar kommandos). there is a good source for a glimpse of the work of this influental american underground filmer. and as so often, this gives me the good opportunity to point you to another great website, a resource for avantgarde called acte gratuit. they archive and make accessible a lot of very interesting stuff, and there you even find the disturbing and (in)famous scorpio rising from kenneth anger. quite sexy, definitly offensive. enjoy! (the viewing only works under windows, though…hmm.)
here a little appetizer from the above mentioned movie kustom kar kommandos: