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did you miss me…

May 29, 2008

…when i was away? did you hang my picture on your nose?

yes, it has been a while. my absence has been due to some private stuff (let’s just say that i listened to way too much portishead) and because i have been in the wild – but also (although named martial) very tender – west.

in the meantime there have been a couple of comments – thank you very much! if you would like to discuss the history of electro, you might go here. then i have a lot of new music – i will just have to think how to integrate this into my plans for this blog (well, which change anyway all the time – we will see). and yes, there are still a couple of requests open – you have not been forgotten. some new / old music i came across (again – meaning i found the vinyls) is actually from the above mentioned wild west. two records i re-listened to lately and have been hit by their excellence are jaques brel‘s “brel” and léo ferré‘s “la solitude”. very strong stuff, and especially in the case of léo ferré lyrics that just hit you – but then i do not have to post them – for this stefan from paris is a highly reliable source. so you can get jaques brel here and léo ferré here.

then i would also like to point to margot’s coven – you might have already seen the link wheel of the year on the side bar. i highly recommend a visit – there is some strange music to be dicovered – well, and any music blog posting kimmo pohjonnen must be a quality blog, right?

then i would also like to point you over to urbanology: my request has been fullfilled, and you all can now grab a recording of the great otis redding – a recording of his famous monterey festival concert. great stuff. thank you, urbanology!

so – to finish this little “hey, i’m back”-post here some live otis redding from monterey, i’ve been loving you too long – it somehow fits between portishead and the bitter-sweet of the great french singers and the general mood of the weeks past… and well, it is otis redding, man!

insert: 1857 – 1957 – 2007

October 14, 2007

here a little gem of the french chanson tradition for you.

1857charles baudelaire publishes his collection of poems les fleurs du mal (the flowers of evil). essential reading, i would suggest. to read these poems online in french and in several english translations go here. if you want to download an english version, go here. and if you want to download the french version, go here.


1957: léo ferré, one of the big names of french chanson, publishes his first record with songs to the poems of baudelaire, les fleurs du mal chantées par léo ferré.

straight from 50 year old vinyl, ripped@192 as mp3-files you can get it here.

if you want to hear the man talk, then i can propose you an interview with him, jaques brel and george brassens (yeah, three of the very big ones) to listen to here.


2007 – we are celebrating 150 years of les fleurs du mal and 50 years of léo ferré’s chansons. then one has to know that léo ferré composed a lot more songs to the poems of baudelaire. some of them made it on a second record. and some of them stayed just demos, never published. but french singer jean louis murat actually got the permission to use and re-record these songs and publishes these days his versions of some of these songs. the record is called charles et léo (it should be out since the 1st of october, but seems to have a certain delay). to visit jean louis website, go here.