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words 2 be heard

September 24, 2007

and while we are rolling…

… i’d like to present someone who knows to roll with his words.

and we’re back on the drum ‘n’ bass track. well, i confronted you with the hard side of drum ‘n’ bass, the dark side, then took things a little bit down and now take another step to get more…liquid.

i have to admit: i have a problem with mc’s at drum ‘n’ bass nights. not all of the time, but most of the time. the first problem is a technical one. usually the mc is too loud and too distorted – not in a cool way, though. connected to that mc’s seem to have the same problem as quite some musicians accompaning dj-sets: they do too much. usually it should be an added flavour, not the main attraction. not distracting from the music that is played, but enhancing it. but too many mc’s just shout orders at you:

show your appreciation! hey, man, i am dancing since two hours – is there a better way of appreciating a dj?

lift your arms up in the air! hey, man, i need them for my balance (yep, i’m dancing like kate bush: swagger, jump, wiggle, wiggle, stretch).

make some noise! eeeer – actually the sound system makes enough noise, thank you very much. what did you say?

i generally do not like to be shouted at, even less orders. and too often it just gives a kind of abusive club med feeling.

but then there are some interesting mc’s (there is to note that i never heard a female mc). i remember especially one mc (unfortunately i never found out his name) that whispered, and babbled, and occassionaly even screamed. and he added quite some effects to his voice: echo, delay, pitch. and all that to very scary, dark music. and he was very scary, too. like tricky on crack. and it definitly gave the music an additional kick.

and then there is mc conrad. the über-mc in drum ‘n’ bass, risen to fame through his collaborations with ltj bukem (the founder of goodlooking records, another very influental label on the drum ‘n’ bass scene, for the more liquid and atmospheric style). mc conrad has a smooth, liquid style to match the smooth and liquid style of the music. more poetry then animating shouts. words “coming down like heavenly rain (mc conrad)”. opening additional spaces in the music with his words.

so with the album vocalist from the year 2000 i can not only introduce you to the more liquid style of drum ‘n’ bass, but i can also introduce you to a…poet.

get it here. ripped as mp3-files@192 from vinyl. tracklist included. and, as mc conrad says:

now baby move your body and i do the rest.