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re-reup: sein

October 24, 2010

also rather popular – counting by the re-up requests: sein. good so.

you will find the links in the original post. enjoy.

and yes, if you manage to catch them live – do go. as you can see they are very colourful…

re: three

June 18, 2009

re: like re-up’s

yes, there has been quie some activity on here – rather hidden, admittedly.

a big THANK YOU to all the people taking the time to leave a comment. and thank you for providing me with more hildegard knef that i could ever dream of. and thank you for providing me with interesting new information on zarah leander – although it does expose my ignorance… but i guess that’s allright. and hey – contributions to the discussion are welcome!

then i re-upped by request der böse bub eugen

rechnungfrontsmalland i re-upped sein – and by relistening it, it hit me how good this record is. and how much it is linked to my last post – reminiscing, but not really nostalgic… great stuff. and yes, because i have been asked so nicely there is also a special bonus…

as usual: enjoy!

to be – sein

April 15, 2008

we stay with music that can be labelled “german chanson”. we stay with lyrics that use colourfull images and bawdy words – but are intricatly crafted. we also stay in switzerland but move a little bit north, to zürich. but while höslis lyrics have a big dose of a sharp humour, the lyrics of musu meyer are – hmmm… maybe harsher: there is a resignation which gets powefully contradicted by their presentation. i find it difficult to describe it, but it seems to me that the lyrics of the songs of the band sein are darker, are partly a swan song to times gone by – but don’t be fooled, these were only good times because the next beer was not far away… this sounds all terribly negative – but it is actually full of poetic beauty and also of strength – like medieval murder ballads, maybe. which brings us to the music: i seem to hear traces of medieval troubadours, and this not only lyrically. but more obvious the music reminds of another european song tradition. while the music of hösli und ricardo leans for me more into the direction of the french chanson tradition (with a certain easyness and for not being afraid of also being pop), sein take up the german tradition of the 1920s. and of course this also means traces of different european folk styles – partly also an effect of the instruments used. and sein shares another characteristic with hösli und ricardo: a unique voice. and the women with the unique voice, musu meyer, has like hösli a captivating stage presence. just have a look at some live footage: sein performing bills busentempel live:

i hope you are now ready for more music: here you can get sein‘s record komm bruno, lass uns tanzen. enjoy!

and please visit sein’s website – you’ll find some more information and also some more videos.

UPDATE: and then, because you asked so nicely. a bonus.