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time to let the hösli down: steven’s nude club

April 11, 2008

on the tape with the old recordings of bessie von brühl was also some naturakt. and the singer of that band i met at the same time as bessie and through the same friend. when this singer was still with naturakt, he was known to let his hösli down – years before robbie and eminem… may i introduce you to hösli.

but when i met him he already had a new band: together with erotic bass player ibrahim and sexy davix (i was rather infatuated with him – another sexy shirtless drummer) he formed as singer and guitarplayer the core of the at the time rather successfull band steven’s nude club. playing ska-ish rock they were a great live act – a lot of fun and mister hösli did not only have interesting hair (some kind of psychobilly horn), but also his unique stage presence. they made a couple of records, played tons of concerts, either in the core formation, or even better together with a brass section and in the beginning also with an additional singer. and sometimes they even had a guest appearance by harmonica player andrzej

well, the fun was over sometime in the nineties – davix moved to berlin, concentrating on his visual art, i do not know what became of ibrahim – and hösli…stayed in lucerne and continued to make music. more about that in the next post.

so i propose now steven’s nude club first six-track ep from 1986. lovingly ripped from vinyl – get it here. and because i enjoyed it so much at the time, i would like to point out to you the little detail of the, hmmm: crown…

and as a little bonus here a live recording from 1987: steven’s nude club live at the fri.son, fribourg on may 8th. enjoy!