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amendment to marc almond: soft cell live

August 24, 2007


allright – i know i am meandering themewise in this blog – but believe me, there is a red thread to this blog. yes, there is! believe me! it’s obvious, right?

but now we take a step back to the marc almond posts. i have been digging deep in my archive, looking for something i did not find, of course. but a lot of other interesting stuff came up: entre autres also a bootleg of soft cell live in london in 1983. if i remember correctly, i actually got that through mailorder. yeah, these were the days…

the quality is not really great – but i think it’s allright. live soft cell sounded in a good way edgier and there is a nice version of the art of falling apart on it. for the rest: the machines are happily stomping and clattering away, the synths stab, and marc almond is singing – and someone is playing sax, adding some interesting flavour. as it was the case with these bootlegs on tape, they usually filled all of the 90 minutes, so you even get treated to a excerpt of some interview with marc almond. unfortunately the interviewer does not want to know who mister almond did at the time. another chance missed…

so these are the details:

soft cell live at the hammersmith palais, 08-03-1983, two mp3 files (side a / side b), taperip@192

side a: forever the same, another day, insecure me, numbers, soul inside, torch, loving you – hating me, *interview*

side b: bedsitter, barriers, youth, baby doll, martin, the art of falling apart, purple haze, frustration, memorabilia

get it here.