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February 15, 2008

i will not post for a couple of days – a good occasion for you dear reader, to take deep breath – and maybe get back to some older posts, read my avalanches of words, might even comment on something and discover the many pearls hidden in some older posts.

i take this post as an occasion to throw up some stuff i somehow wanted to post in the et hop! series, but did in effect not post. until now. so you first might want to take a look back. so i have a free mind to write the final et hop!-posts that are still to come…

so what do we still have?

first let’s get to some oldschool hip hop / electro, new york vs. l.a. beats – a mix of some of the most important tracks (some i mentioned in earlier posts) at the time that came out on vinyl on the streetsound label. for the tracklist you can go here. and for the music go here. since i did not digitize it: thanks to the original uploader!

so we are in l.a. – so i can post now dr. dre‘s compton swap meet tape no.1 – yeah, he did mix tapes back in the days. they started to pop up on the net lately, called either compton swap meet tapes or roadium (swap meet) tapes – i got number one and loaded it up here. there are a couple more floating around the www… but you’ll have to source them yourself, i’m afraid. well – one of them from 1986 is up on mic check – i did not listen to it, yet – but the blog is in any case worth a visit!

let’s stay in the 80’s but change the coast again: i found in my boxes an early example of miami bass from the then quite known gucci crew II, truz ‘n’ vogues. maybe not the best miami bass record – but it certainly gives you a good idea. to get the four mixes (if you don’t like the lyrics, there is an instrumental version), go here. and if somebody could finally tell me what truz ‘n’ vogues means…?


something newer? then i have something very fresh: the actual mix from rob hall (yes, the one from skam records), called chillin’ with the wrong b boy. not your usual hip hop mix – well, get it at his website and have a listen. definitly recommended.

and so we are already in the u.k.. since i just brushed over “real” hip hop in the u.k. (well, my point was something else), i thought it might be nice to give you an example of early english hip hop: hijack. quite known at the time, i remember they had some problems with their record company not wanting them to publish them in the u.s. – their accents were too british…whatever. if you want to have a listen how they sounded, here a short concert of theirs from the jazzfestival montreux in 1990.

as a supplement to my post about hip hop in england i can point you in the direction of some more…eeer…japanese hip hop (yeah, it is puzzling, i know). more precise: dj krush. here you’ll find a nice site with some sets of his and even some videos to have a look at his stunning technique.

relating to that same post i decided to also rip for your pleasure something from the label ninja tune. something very good, indeed. as with many ninja tunes releases, also this ones lets you think of movies: of not really scary scary movies, on one track you have some spaghetti western and then you have a lot of blaxploitation – aaah, this gnarling bass! it is a very pleasant, very musical, very wicked aural journey. so let me recommend something wicked this way comes by the herbaliser. ripped from vinyl@224 in 4 mp3-files: for each side one file… and don’t worry: the tracklist is included. get it here.


then i would like to point you in the direction of the france & hip hop post. more precise: to the comments section. besides bragging on that lethal skillz left a comment on my blog you will also find some links he gave for everybody that is interested in some more lebanese hip hop. und @9 is calling out to everybody knowing more about arab hip hop to share her / his knowledge.

so – to conclude this mixed bag of stuff i propose you now something different and rather unrelated to my previous posts. but then it is a record i quite enjoy and that @9 has not yet posted (yep, i checked this time), but something he most probably knows. so how about some swiss hip hop? lpr (that stands for les poétes rapides) hail from berne and made an entertaining record with a charming touch of silliness. not much i know about them (but then i do not follow the swiss hip hop scene closely) – it seems they are at the moment rather inactive. at least their website hasn’t been updated for quite a while. definitly fun, you can get their record bäredräck here.


to give you an idea of their sound, here the rather cool video to their single extro:

pfuuuh – so that’s all for now, folks. enjoy – and see you around…