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deeper: tief

July 6, 2008

this is the winterschatten release 002. at least as obscure as les fleurs d’hiver. and totally over the top. the front cover already gives you the direction. if you should not get it: the band name tief means “deep / low”, every letter of the band-name is written with an arrow pointing downwards and on the back of the cover is a text about the last of human kind that in the face of the destroyed earth throw themselves in despair from the cliff… right. let’s not forget that apocalyptic doom was somehow the flavour of the day (the record was published in 1984). jeez, did i buy strange shit… i remember though that we already giggled at the time at how extremely over the top this whole thing was… as with the les fleurs d’hiver 7″, the visuals are actually better then the music – and side 2 is much better then the three tracks squeezed on side 1. turns out that the depressing text on the back of the cover are actually the lyrics… aargh. but well, as i said: side 2 is much better: a rather interesting instumental track. and tief are less pop then les fleurs d’hiver – obviously they knew joy division and the guitar player knew the early cure, too… so –tief – danach, the 7″, another forgotten part of the swiss undergound in the 1980s you get here (including a lot of scans). and i guess this time it would not be in the intention of the band wish you to enjoy it…